they came home with me, october edition

So it's been a while since my last shopping inventory, and enough things have piled up so that I could just go through all this at once in the form of an outfit post.


My most recent buy is also my favourite buy: a repeat of something I bought in January - the Cali lace-ups from Dieppa Restrepo. They were on sale on My Chameleon and I happened upon them when the website offered a discount code with extra 20% off. Since I was thrilled with my camel ones - they're looking remarkably well after eight months of frequent and none-too-gentle wear (I get caught in the rain a lot) - I figured a second pair in a classic shade with a healthy discount was a good buy.

The Steven Alan Lilly purse scratches two itches: a) a small travel purse in burgundy that didn't break the bank and b) my desire for the Celine Trio in...burgundy. It's a good way to test out how much use I get out of a small casual purse and I do in fact need a small nondescript purse for holidays so that I can go wallet-free and keep my belongings handy but secure.I got it at a very good price from Eileen, a big thanks to her!

The most irrational buy of the lot is the navy skirt from J Crew. I have never been much of a skirt girl, but I've always liked things that evoked a school uniform so when I saw this skirt online, on sale and further discounted with a coupon code, I decided to experiment. So far, I am enjoying it but I wish the skirt attracted less lint.

I was less thrilled with the navy J Crew trousers - my last experience with a pair of hand-me-down cafĂ© capris were awesome, but the fabric of these navy linen ones I ordered online seemed to have deteriorated after a couple of washes, and bizarrely, they seemed to have gotten baggier. One more reason why I should not buy trousers online. Perhaps I can still wring some use out of them with a trip to the tailor. 

I was thrilled when I found the navy linen dress in August because that meant I could finally let go of an old dress I had hung on to, irrationally, although it was far too sheer to wear out anymore. At the same time, I found an oatmeal linen knit, which isn't a replacement for anything but good linen knits are hard to pass up. 

  • Red cotton jeans from M&S
  • Camel leather lace-ups from Dieppa Restrepo
  • Glasses from Tom Ford
  • Navy and off-white cotton gingham short-sleeve blouse from Muji
  • Grey chambray cap-sleeve dress from A.P.C.
  • Chambray boyfriend shorts from Esprit
  • Palm leaf hat from Crazy Crow Trading Post
  • Navy linen cropped trousers from J Crew
  • Navy linen short-sleeve dress from Muji
  • Oatmeal linen knit pullover from Muji
  • Navy cotton skirt from J Crew 
  • Seafoam bikini from Seafolly
  • Burgundy leather Lilly purse from Steven Alan 
  • White leather lace-ups from Dieppa Restrepo
    Bit by bit, I've been clearing out things from my wardrobe, either to a successful second life, or just to the recycling bin. Some worn out old cotton dresses I've cut up into plain tops for sleeping in. Some worn-out tops, like a white t-shirt that's become blobby after years of wear, became beach cover-ups. Shoes that have sprung holes I can't fix I've thrown out. And I gave away a few items that I have accepted I will never wear again, because well, tastes change.

    I like to write about the things I loved and still love, because I love the idea that some things will always look beautiful to me and will become imbued with great memories, making them priceless. I've also written about the joy of rediscovering things I've left to fallow for a while, delighting in their relevance, which sometimes only become apparent when I've taken a break from them.

    But many things are not "forever", because our tastes, are influenced by the times, and our lifestyles change to. And I enjoy being open to possibility. So the skirt is a new bit of "possibility" that I'm embracing, style-wise.


    Stephanie said…
    I love your colour palette and when you talk about your wardrobe, it just makes so much sense.
    Anonymous said…
    I like reading post like this. Just this year, I found a few blogs like yours that's soon become my favorite and it's always a joy reading them. I agree that we all change, be it style, mind or even what we like to eat. I like that navy linen trouser. I wear a similar pair from MNG almost every week. Ditching those movement-restricted pencil skirts which I once wore like uniform. There's always a cycle, I believe, that one day I will "revived" skirt too, - I Ying
    Pret a Porter P said…
    they all look great on you. It's a shame to hear about the linen pants. hopefully you'll be able to get them fixed, the fit looks good on you.
    Nomadic D. said…
    I love the skirt on you, I think it's great that you branched out beyond your comfort zone a bit, and even better that it's such a success! The shoes are a major score. What could be better than finding a pair of shoes you know to be comfortable and versatile and that work well for you... on sale! As for the purse, I hear you. I recently got myself a little bag (odd for me since I usually lug everything around with me) from Zara to test drive the size:

    Not sure how much use I'm going to get out of it, but it's nice we can try these things out to see how they fit in our lifestyle without having to blow too much money on the experiment.

    Oh and purging feels so good, doesn't it?
    nanashi said…
    A great post, I've been also reducing my wardrobe substantially and just donated several bags worth of clothing yesterday. Indeed, tastes do shift over time, and sometimes we need to part ways with things that we used to think works.

    Good to hear that the Cali shoes are great staples, they look great in your outfit, too!
    Kali said…
    Very nice post, I love lists and I find that kind of round up very efficient. The pattern is pretty clear in your colour and fit choices, and it is very consistent.

    I agree with you on trying something new, and admitting that some older choices just don't work anymore. I'd like to explore more this idea of rediscovering older things and making them relevant again! It happened to me lately: as I found out new details about my outfits, I found new ways to wear items I thought were irrelevant. I wonder why that happens...
    Shutterbug K said…
    Great consistent color palette in the photo above, btw.

    How easily did the Calis break-in for you? Would you recommend the shoe more for narrow-medium width feet or is it wide-foot friendly?

    Your words on culling the closet remind me that I should do some editing of my own now that it's time to bring out the sweaters. :)
    Ammu said…
    Joining the chorus here - I love the skirt. I suspect you will get a lot of wear out of it.
    I completely know what you mean about tastes changing. More than taste, environment and lifestyle affect my clothing choices a lot. My recent move to a smaller town with a much more relaxed vibe has seen me wear jeans all the time - I hardly wore them before. I am also enjoying my old ethnic silver jewelry - after years of wearing only gold - and linen blouses. High heels feel too contrived these days and I am so glad I bought multiple pairs of Trina sandals earlier this year, given the fact that I wear them daily. We find different things relevant to our lives at different points.
    miss sophie said…
    i love your idea of the possibility of new discovieries and changing tastes. it's being able to balance some forever favorites with this openmindedness that really enable you to evolve a facet of who you are...and i love that navy skirt and how you wear it :)
    miss sophie said…
    i love your idea of the possibility of new discovieries and changing tastes. it's being able to balance some forever favorites with this openmindedness that really enable you to evolve a facet of who you are...and i love that navy skirt and how you wear it :)
    ming said…
    I almost bought that skirt during the last extra 40% of sale clearance! I didn't take the plunge though because I was wary of how wrinkly the fabric might be and also because the waist would probably gap like most J. Crew things on me. It also seems like it's better suited for more casual outings paired with pullovers or slouchy t-shirts than what I was hoping for (pairing it as a bottom to a navy blazer to make a skirt-suit combo). Looks great on you though!

    Also, I saw the photo you posted in your last entry on pinterest. It's from this photographer:
    Joy said…
    all round great buys! i just told a friend to get a pair of dieppa restrepos due to your great reviews of them. i still only have the one navy skirt—I prefer my chinos and jeans. your yearly wrap up so far shows a lot of constraint and is very impressive.
    lin said…
    Stephanie: Thanks! I do take a while to get to the point, so I'm glad this makes sense!

    I Ying: Thanks! Skirts were never a big thing with me, but sometimes it's practical on hot days!

    Pret a Porter P: The trousers look okay, but not what I hoped all the droopiness is in the back, haha.

    Nomadic D: I'm really thrilled I landed the shoes at a price that's comfortable for my wallet, although I'm all set to reward myself with a pair of their loafers when I think I'm ready for a new pair. I've seen that purse, quite lovely...I think Kali from The Nife en L'air has written about this - the small investment to test waters. It's a good step when we're not ready to commit to a heftily priced item!

    I do like getting rid of things, especially when I find good uses for them! It's amazing how many old, shabby basics can become quite comfortable for sleeping in.

    nanashi: I had a bag full, which I dropped off at H&M for recycling. I rarely shop there but I find their recycling drop-off quite a good least you know the clothes aren't destined for a landfill.

    Kali: Thanks! I do like to let things sit for a little while before reviving them...time is so good to see things from another perspective.

    Shutterbug K: Thanks! The Calis were comfortable right from day 1 this time. With my first pair, the shoes rubbed at my heel a bit and I got a blister on one heel. I used Foot Glide ( and it worked like a charm. After a week I stopped using it and this time, no blisters.

    In terms of width, I found to very comfortable for my wide feet. These are US 9, and they are about 3 and 3/4 inch wide at the widest bit at the foot. No pinching for me at all.

    Ammu: It's very practical for the weather here, and I get a bit more use of my tops...compared to buying say, another dress.

    Jeans sound like an interesting shift for you...I wonder how my dressing will change if I moved to a different country.

    miss sophie: Thanks! I agree, we see different side to ourselves when we try new things.

    ming: thanks for the tip about the source! I've amended the post.

    The fabric doesn't wrinkle, but it attracts lint! Not horribly but enough to annoy me a bit. And yep, it's quite casual, and shorter than I expected. I think I'll never quite get J Crew sizing right.

    Joy: Thanks! I think the shoes are a good investment! I shall do a proper review when the first pair hits the one year mark...
    Anonymous said…
    So happy that the Lilly has gone to someone who would appreciate it!

    You have nicely toned legs for dresses and skirts. Love the recent outfits.. very American classic!
    lin said…
    Thanks! I've always thought my tastes ran towards "American classics" actually, haha.
    Krystal said…
    i'm becoming a skirt girl. you have a very fresh and clean blog, i'm loving your style!

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