notes for october

EDITED: Stefano Marchionini (thanks ming for providing the source!)

I have a little ritual on days like these - when my body is leaden and my mind a fog. I lie in longer than I should and let my thoughts run until something crystallises - a task to tackle; the company of friends; breakfast; a song; the promise of fresh air outdoors.

A few events of late reminded me of other things I had taken for granted: I am awake, able, alive. These are great reasons for getting out of bed, and I should not forget them.

Other things to take pleasure in:
  • "The Luminaries" by Eleanor Catton and "The Goldfinch" by Donna Tartt. Books you can tumble into. I haven't finished "The Luminaries", but I love it. 
  • "Gravity". Thrilling and contemplative all at once.
  • A trip to Taiwan next month for a cousin's wedding. My mother is from there and I haven't been in five years.
  • A new pair of shoes and a new bag on their way to me.


Petya K. Grady said…
I am impatiently waiting for my copy of The Goldfinch to come in. I sooo want to read it. I just wrote about Donna Tartt's style on my blog:


I have a question for you! What is a good email to reach you?
Anonymous said…
it's indeed a small luxury to lie on bed and let mind run a little while. The picture reminds me one from Kinfolk. It would almost be perfect if everyday starts like this. But that would make weekend no difference anymore. - I Ying
Joy said…
I want to start the Luminaries after her announcement as the Man Booker Prize winner of the year but I am daunted by how long it is. I can barely keep up with school readings as it is!
Can't wait to see the bag and the shoes! Where are they from?
miss sophie said…
i hear you on the gratitude for the simple things. just discovered 'the laughing heart' by Charles Bukowski recently - words to live by.

curious about your buys - hope you'll do a post on them soon :)
Ammu said…
I am grateful to live in a new place, in a beautiful home. My #1 pleasure these days is food - shopping for it, preparing it, consuming it. After cooking very sporadically for three years, it's a lovely change.
hannah-rose said…
this is me at the moment - I'm recovering from the last few feverish months of thesis writing. I have spent all morning today drinking one cup of tea. it's helping.

i cannot WAIT to get into goldfinch. it's winging it's way to me from book depository as we speak!!

Eileen said…
Hello Lin, hope you read my mail!:)

Excited to see your new shoes! What are they? I got a new Balenciaga city and a pair of New Balance to reward the hard work during F1. That's the material and functional part.

For the intangible, I started drum lessons for my boy and I take pleasure in seeing him enjoy the instrument. Have also been reading, listening to music.. simple daily rituals to de-stress.
lin said…
Petya: I really enjoyed that post, thank you for posting it. I've left you my email address in the comment section!

I-Ying: Actually, I like my days best when I get out of bed without hesitation.

Joy: I was in the mood for something you can really dive into and not look up for hours so The Luminaries is perfect, all 800+ pages!

I bought another pair of Cali oxfords from Dieppa Restrepo that were on sale so it was an awesome deal, and I finally got my hands on the Steven Alan Lilly purse in burgundy from Eileen, a fellow blogger. Really thrilled with both because I already know they're going to be really useful.

miss sophie: I will! I'm just so lazy that I figured I should accumulate a longer list of buys first.

Ammu: Good to know you're settling in well in Nepal!

hannah-rose: It did sound like you were under tremendous pressure - I think The Goldfinch is the perfect reward. I love reading late into the night or very early in the morning.

Eileen: I did, thank you so much.

I bought the Dieppa Cali oxfords in a different colour -- they're so comfortable and perfect for's as easy as wearing sneakers but a little more polished and much more comfortable than ballet flats.
ming said…
The Luminaries is also on my list of books to read, but now it's backordered on Amazon for the next 1-3 months?! Who knew the Man Booker Prize had that much sway power :-/

Let me know how it is once you're finished with it!
Kali said…
That's a lovely little list! All these simple things to be grateful about.
I haven't heard about any of these books but I'll definitely take a look, I have nothing to read this Autumn.
lin said…
ming: i'm definitely ome of those who look to the Booker Prize for reading suggestions, haha.

kali: i saw your post about The Sense of an Ending...I have actually been really keen on reading that but I have yet to start because I've been wanting to read long, dense books and it looks too short.
petal and plume said…
what a gorgeous blog you have. so in love.
Maja H said…
I am so excited for "Gravity", it has been getting excellent reviews. We've got tickets to see it next week and I can't wait :)
lin said…
petal and plume: Thank you! High praise from someone with a truly beautiful blog!

Maja H: I hope you enjoyed it!

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