istanbul (not constantinople)


Perhaps you thought I might give it a rest with the Turkey posts. Wrong.

Istanbul feels like layer after layer of civilisations and ideologies, sometimes built over each other, sometimes squished side by side. You can check out a massive underground cistern built by a Byzantine emperor to store water for his people, gawk at an Ottoman harem, wander down elegant boulevards flanked by neo-classical buildings, visit sleek art galleries, cross the Golden Horn and stand between Asia and Europe, people-watch at unapologetically-hip cafes, browse at ancient bookstores whose owners all seem to be fighting the relentless development of the city, and always, always, eat well. It has been at the crossroads of culture since 330 AD, and five days wasn't quite enough for me to take it in with any real sense of coherence. Which is fine, because I will most certainly be back.


I've been to Istanbul twice and I feel like I haven't even covered half as much as you did.
A├»ssa said…
Almost unbelievable that all these beautiful and diverse shots are from Istanbul only...There's indeed much to take in.
Joy said…
don't think i could ever be sick of istanbul! keep 'em coming.
Jocy said…
lin said…
Marlene: Twice! I wish Istanbul was near enough for me to holiday there more casually.

Aissa: It's one of those cities that are irresistible but you can't explain precisely why.

Joy: It's actually been nice to look through my pictures a few months after the trip - everything looks fresh again and I start see more clearly what I liked and what I didn't.

Jocy: Love the place!

petal and plume said…
how beautiful! loving your blog.
Unknown said…
These pictures are gorgeous! I was already recommended to go visit Istanbul, I am now completely convinced. Please, keep sharing your travel experiences :)
Karina said…
Amazing pictures :)

You have a great blog;)

Take a look at if you like;)
helin said…
So glad you enjoyed it here... I think you should definitely make it here for a second time around so that we can meet :)

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