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I have all manner of unfinished posts just sitting on my dash, and I will get to them, some day soon. In the meantime, while many people are welcoming fall into their wardrobes, I have cast my eye ahead to Spring 2014 for climate-appropriate inspiration. Specifically, the Margaret Howell show, because they exude a crisp, laidback, calm that I never tire of.

Other things I will enjoy this weekend:

- The Killers 'live'!
- Dragon-boating
- Ritter Sport milk chocolate with cornflakes
- Breaking Bad (Never a dud moment. Never.)

Happy weekend to everyone!


Jocy said…
Sounds like a great weekend. I'm also loving Breaking Bad lately. This season is so good.
Joy said…
Haha same here with unfinished posts. I haven't checked out the new MH show yet but I can't wait. Jealous for the Killers—I still remember buying the Hot Fuss CD all those years ago. Love that you're watching BB still (the latest episode was !!!!).
Pret a Porter P said…
dragon boating sounds so awesome.
Unknown said…
Sounds like an exciting and refreshing week-end! I hear you on the unfinished post ideas, I have a long list of things to finish writing too, maybe it's a way to let the ideas bloom.
I guess there is nothing like Autumn in Singapore? Are there any seasonal events (if not climate changes) you are looking forward to?
hannah-rose said…
Mmmm riter with cornflakes. I haven't seen pictures of the magaret howell show yet, mostly because i've been in a bit of a thesis hole. But i'm going to look right now, and i'm sure it's going to be the highlight of my weekend. Enjoy yours!!

Eileen said…
Hello Lin! I love the inspiration, particularly the colour palette.. so fresh and calm, not the shoes though.

Hope you are keeping well!
Unknown said…
ahhhh, Margaret Howell, just - ahhhhh :) so brilliant, always.

hope you enjoy The Killers, I've seen them a few times and they put on an amazing show!

echoing what Joy said about Breaking Bad - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x
petal and plume said…
sounds like a formula for a fabulous weekend!
miss sophie said…
i would wear everything in that photo. i really wish MH was easier to find here in the US. even in NYC she's a rare find in the sea of boutiques...

I'm with you about all my half finished drafts on my dash. I've always loved MH aesthetics but for some reason, they never sit right on my body.
lin said…
Jocy: I rewatched some of season 1 after the's actually really interesting seeing everything in a different light again.

Joy: The concert was amazing! And I heard the new single you shared -- love it!

Breaking Bad is definitely my favourite series ever...I think the only other show I liked from start to end without losing interest was E.R. haha.

Pret a Porter P: It is! I wish I were better at it.

Kali Vine: The weather here is just hot or rainy, haha. Some months are definitely cooler than others, and it's really wet around December and January but nothing that one would actually look forward to.

I think the one regularity I've established is my travel patterns -- I always do a dive around April/May because that when the monsoon ends for many of the diving spots around SE Asia, and then I do one in Sept/Oct because again, it's the period between monsoons. I also like to holiday around Sept because I like seeing countries in autumn, but if I dive in Sept I always plan a holiday for June. I always have to be going somewhere!

hannah-rose: Those chocs are just more addictive than any artisanal stuff out there.

Eileen: Hope you are well too! All's been quiet on your blog :)

Fen: You've seen The Killers a few times?? Jealous!

petal and plume: It was actually a very stressful one, haha. All the good things happened on Saturday and everything around it was crap.

miss sophie: Agreed! And her stuff needs to be tried on. to get the right fit.

Marlene: I only experiment with her shirts/tops because they're safer to buy online. I love the look of her trousers but have not found the nerve to order them to see if they fit -- shipping costs too much!

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