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Finally, we are well into April, and I am happy to have left the horror that was March behind – cleared a major project, my schedule is somewhat back to normal, and I finally got to tackle some tasks left on the backlog.

The craziness of the first three months of the year may be why I’ve managed to stay clear of serious shopping. I’ve bought three things this year so far – a pair of brick red cotton jeans, a pair of leather lace-ups and glasses. One trendy buy, one classic buy/sort-of necessity, and one necessity. Even on all counts.

I have a “nice to have” list in my head, but haven’t quite felt like making a move on any of them. At the moment, not adding to my possession count feels nice and light, and I’m enjoying mining my wardrobe anyway, which is always deeper than I expect. I often fish out things I’ve left alone for months, even years, and find them quite relevant again, and new ways to wear old things make themselves apparent over time.

It's been very hot here in Singapore, so one way of adapting my uniform of shirts and trousers is to wear them open over a vest. When it's this hot, every bit of ventilation is precious. And any look that can be classified as "comfortably rumpled" is fine with me. 


That shirt looks great on you.

I agree about the lightness that comes with not adding, and enjoying wearing what you already have. That said I did make 3 fashion purchases for the year so far too.

Kate said…
I really like the idea of wearing a shirt open in hot weather. It seems achievable but smartish.

I'm staying away from the shops at the moment - our summer is so short that I honestly don't need anything, although I'm constantly tempted!
Joy said…
Love how pragmatic you are. It's strange to feel weird not to really buy anything nor really want to buy much since constant consumption is now so deeply ingrained within us so it's affirming to see someone else who's not doing a lot of shopping either. The open shirt idea is genius.
rachel said…
You're so good at adapting your style to hot weather - always an inspiration!
Sue said…
Oh if only I was half as pragmatic as yourself with respect to my purchases! My wardrobe and my finances would be in much better order.

I love wearing shirts open with vests - such a nice relaxed way to keep coo1 but stylish. You look great as always.
jamie-lee said…
I feel the same way when I don't shop for a bit, as I tend to judge my purchases based on month (at the moment at least), and I'm envious of how well you are doing!
Kali Vine said…
Ah I noticed the same thing these past few weeks: when you buy less new things, you tend to rediscover your own wardrobe, find new ways to pair things, and find a new love for older items. As if it was a way to feel more familiar about your own wardrobe or something...
Lindsay K said…
Glad April is looking brighter! Finishing a major project, always feels like a huge weight has been lifted...

I've had a crazy quarter that has left no time for shopping. Although truthfully for the longest time, I've felt content with my wardrobe... I really love wearing what I have:)

Nice warm weather look!
khaylis said…
I really admire your restraint and how thoughtful you are when it comes to purchasing each item of clothing. It is truly inspiring in this age of fast fashion - even more so on this side of the world where a lot of the time quantity trumps quality (I live in KL). I've been reading your blog for a few years, and yours still stands out amongst all the other fashion/style related blogs because of this.

I have been trying to elect the same kind of pragmatism when it comes to shopping of late - do I really need this? how many times will I actually wear this? what will it go with in my wardrobe? is it good quality?

Thank you for continuing to be that breathe of fresh air!
Eileen said…
You look great, Lin! The outfit is so Sofia Coppola.

Glad that work hurdle is over for you too and things are back to normal.

I don't want to count how many things I have bought since the start of the year but I'm hoping this one month ban will slow things down a bit.
lin said…
Pret a Porter P: Yes, the purchases just creep up on you even though I don't feel like I am buying much. But I can console myself with the thought that the glasses are a necessity!

Kate: It really is a lot more comfortable, and yes, smartish.

Joy: I am pretty sure I will rack up a few more things this year, purchases creep up on you when you least expect them.

Rachel: It's a necessity in a place that's 30C or higher year-round, and incredibly humid.

Sue: Thanks! I stole the idea from Japanese male tourists, who seem to like to work this look when they travel to Singapore. haha.

jamie-lee: I guess with new clothes coming in we don't give our oldies enough of a chance.

Lindsay K: Thanks! And yes, it feels good to like everything I own.

khaylis: Thanks! Yes, it's scary isn't it, living in the hotbed of consumerism, it's very much the same in Singapore.

Eileen: Thanks! I hope things are settled down on your end as well, and can't wait to hear how your thoughts on a ban when it's over!
Aïssa said…
This outfit is so fresh and cute!
As for shopping, I'm really not a model of virtue at the moment. It's still under control but I want so much stuff, shoes and jackets mainly and not just one of each mind you...
I love the shirt unbuttoned over the t-shirt, it looks cool and relaxing! Plus, your lace-ups go perfectly, but you already know how much I love them.

I've seen a large number of people wearing red denim around NYC at the moment and I really like what I have been seeing. While it's a bit trendy, I feel there is still underlying classic element to them. It's almost a year-roudn color, red. It looks nice in the autumn and winter and even during spring and summer. Red is one of the colors that doesn't go so well with my skin tone [I have to have a specific shade], so I love when I see other people pulling red pants off!

Glad to hear your April is going more smoothly!
I never know what to wear when I'm back in Asia. I can't deal with anything that sticks to my body like a second skin. The A/C is always turned on at full blast in the buildings at near arctic temperature but it's so hot outside. I've always wondered what the locals deal with the disparity between the two extreme temperatures?
lin said…
coffeestainedcashmere: Thanks!

I'm quite curious as to how I will feel about the red jeans, since like you, I found the colour quite classic (I went for a russet/brick red).

marlene: Well, we all keep warm cardigans and jackets in the office, haha.

I find air conditioning in shopping centres etc quite tolerable most days since I've usually come in from walking outside and it's such a relief! The abrupt changes in temperature irritate my sinuses though. But such is life. I'm all for natural ventilation (and I don't use AC at home, just electric fans) but I think offices and commercial buildings need AC the way buildings in temperate countries need heating - it's tough to function efficiently otherwise.

I stick to loose silhouettes and light fabrics - most of my knits are made of linen.

My shirts are made of linen and lightweight cotton as well; I rarely wear silk. I'm quite used to jeans in the heat even though I think many people abhor it. The boyfriend cut is definitely more comfortable in the heat than skinny jeans. But I do switch to dresses when I can't stand it any more.
Jeane M. said…
Efficient yet so chic. Love the outfit ideas in here. Got my eye on your next posts.

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