good buy, check


My second buy of the year feels like a resoundingly good one. Here’s why:
  • I need these. My flat shoes are all falling apart at varying paces; in particular I’ve been at times quite embarrassed by the state of my scuffed and discoloured cream-coloured oxfords. So while I’m pretty sure my old pair have at least another year of wear in them, I like having a quality substitute.
  • They were a true deal. I’ve been eyeing these for a while and spotted them on sale a few times but never found them in my size in this colour. When I found these on going for a decent discount from what I would pay on most US sites (even factoring in shipping), it felt like the stars were aligned.
  • They're beautiful and comfortable. The colour is the perfect shade of caramel and the workmanship to the eye and touch feels solid. I also like that they’re not too “traditional” looking – just streamlined enough.
  • They fit seamlessly into my wardrobe. No need to think about how to wear these – they make sense with everything.
  • Lace-ups are better for my feet than my beloved ballerinas. They stay on my feet with less need to "grip" on them with my toes. As I age (sigh) and my body starts to complain more and more about little things, my tolerance level for discomfort gets lower and lower. 
Now if only I luck out with a pair of chukka boots as well...

A few notes on shopping for shoes online:
  • I benefitted a lot from reading reviews of these shoes before I bought them, seeing as buying shoes online is always a risky business and I frankly can't afford returns when shipping is about S$30 one way. Totokaelo has stocked Dieppas for a while and hence searching something like "dieppa restrepo oxfords size" will get you links like these to their site, where the staff have helpfully provided sizing information to questions from shoppers. 
  • I also learnt to measure my insole - get measuring tape and lay it as flat as possible inside your shoes from the tip to heel. Do the same across the widest part of the insole. This is helpful in figuring out if the shoe fits, although this greatly depends on whether the sellers provide accurate information. 
  • For the record, the Dieppas are true to size (I'm a US 9, with insole measurements of about 10.5" and 3 3/4"). They are also as buttery soft as described in reviews by others.


Pret a Porter P said…
What a handsome color too. Things that turn out to be amazingly useful are the best buys.
Laura said…
Great buy! I've been looking around for the exact same shoes at a good price but so far no luck. I figure that a shoe that good is worth waiting for. I might even break down and buy them full price. I'm glad to know that they are as beautiful as I hoped!
Amanda said…
I think the Calis in Camel are by far the best color and the only ones that seem to fit the aesthetic of the shoe just because because the craftsmanship and design remind me very much of cigars and Panama hat. Or maybe I'm just biased because I have it in the same color - either way, great purchase.

I would definitely recommend a water repellent spray though because the leather stains when wet.
I can see, even from the picture, that they look buttery soft! I love that color, it is simply perfect. I've been hunting for a good pair of brogues, without luck all the same. I really like how clean and streamline these look. They are certainly a great buy that will compliment and fit nicely into your wardrobe.
Sue said…
Chukka boots I think are what we refer to as desert boots over here and they are not that easy to find in the right colour or style - I know I've been looking. I did come across some which are a bit of a hybrid boot in that it doesn't have the spongey sole and looks to be more a more rigid sole - I just have to wait till next month to order ... but I might change my mind by then. I love the way you research what you want and stick with it - I can change my mind 5 times in 5 hours.

Your new lace ups look lovely and like you say, will blend seamlessly in with your existing wardrobe. I think you actually started me off on my quest for pale brogues and chukka/desert boots. I have to blame someone.
Ammu said…
Oh my goodness they are gorgeous. I have been mulling a second pair of oxfords for a while now. I love my patent green miu mius but am thinking a pair in a soft blush shade or caramel leather might be worth adding to my wardrobe. Not quite ready to commit yet ;)
Alexandra said…
They look beautiful!
jamie-lee said…
Lin these are absolutely lovely - the colour seems like the type that is inobtrusive, and will complement most anything. I find buying shoes online can also be difficult, as like you say, the cost of returning them can be pricey, as well as taking into consideration the time and effort involved in getting your tax back.

Glad that this purchase worked out for you! x
Nomadic D. said…
Well done! I bought myself a pair of nude church's oxfords last summer and I don't think they came off my feet once for 4 months straight! Well, ok, possibly when I went to bed... Still, I think a neutral oxford like that is an amazing investment piece. And how nice to know that the DRs fit well and are so buttery soft!
miss sophie said…
yay, you finally got these! i love the color, and they look so comfy and broken-in already. agree with you about the ergonomic-ness of lace-ups. dieppas definitely make the most feminine and well-priced ones :)

i must warn you though, once you have one pair of Dieppas, it's very tempting to want to get more!
Kali said…
Ah they are perfect! I remember looking at Dieppa's shoes when I started hunting for oxfords, as they are a nice simple blend of city shoes and jazz shoes of sorts. I couldn't find them at the time though. Anyway, good purchase ;)
Marzena said…
Such a good choice!
Brogues do always look so comfortable, but the sad truth is that it isn't always the case. I eyed some beautiful black patent ones at COS a while ago and a kind salesperson advised me not to splurge on them for wearability reasons. It is really smart to check a few reviews before clicking on the buy button! :)
Eileen said…
Hello Lin, congratulations on a beautiful pair of shoes! Your patience paid off and that is double the joy:)

Cant wait to see them in your outfit shots!
Aïssa said…
As many other online shoppers, I share your apprehensions especially regarding buying shoes and from so far away. I'm glad it turned out so great for you. The shoes are indeed wonderful, the material looks so soft.
lin said…
pret a porter p: the colour is exactly right...i think a dark-coloured shoe in this style is too heavy for me.

laura: i missed it when it went on sale on the steven alan website in december, by all of five minutes while i thought it over. i think checking all the online stockists around the sale period should turn up something...i see this style on sale almost every season.

amanda: i agree, hah. i don't fancy the shoe in the other colours very much, although i might be amenable to a suede version in a sandy beige. has been raining so much and i ran out of water repellent so these have only been worn twice. sigh.

coffeestainedcashmere: these are closer to jazz shoes than oxfords, which suit me better...what i like about them is that they're still much sturdier than a typical jazz shoe.

sue: yep, chukkas and desert boots are pretty much the same thing although I think chukkas have leather shoes while desert boots usually have crepe rubber soles. which puts me firmly in the chukka camp because I find that they look more polished!

at the very least i'm being blamed for things i consider wonderful!

ammu: i was convinced i didn't need a second pair for years, but i think my foot is getting worse for wear from too many years of ballerinas so the extra support from these are welcome!

alexandra: thanks! i can't stop reaching out to touch them, haha.

jamie-lee: this purchased has rather emboldened me to buying shoes online but i think it's wiser to remain cautious :) it's why i do like online stories with responsive customer service because their replies are so important to making sure you go in with your eyes open!

nomadic d: church's shoes look wonderfully sturdy and i love the stories of people who have worn their shoes for decades - i think richard haines from what i saw today has a 30-year-old pair! i don't like traditional oxfords for myself so i opted for the lightweight dieppa version but researching on these types of shoes really gave me an appreciation of shoe have so good in that they have so many options for well-constructed, sturdy shoes!

miss sophie: i'm actually quite interested in their lupe boots, but am considering getting a pair from a local shoemaker so shall weigh my options a bit more. i like how dieppa repeats styles season after feel like you have the luxury of time to make a good decision.

kali: i can vouch for these as a good buy, especially when there are few shoes at this price point that are made to similar standard and still aesthetically pleasing. i have had good experience with clarks shoes as well but couldn't find something in a style i liked this time.

marzena: these are not as stiff as traditional brogues or kali said they're more like jazz shoes so they're very comfortable. the leather on these are also pretty soft i've had pain-free days so far! i hope they pass the durability test...

eileen: thanks! i need more of such luck!

aissa: really happy these worked out as well, i have had terrible online shopping experience before so it's always nerve wrecking for me.
WY said…
Are these the camel (someone called them camel), because they look more like the honey whiskey to me. I ask because I'm interested in these shoes as well and am trying to decide between the two colors. Thanks!
lin said…
Hello, they were listed as camel on the website and also in my order so I'm assuming they are camel. It does look very much like honey whiskey I agree, I'm not sure if there's a real difference between the two.
Lindsay K said…
They are lovely! The color is nice and rich. I have been eyeing a pair of Lanvin flats for spring in a similar color... We'll see how I feel come Spring.

I don't like oxfords on me. They always end up being too wide. But I love how these are nice and streamlined with a feminine touch. The leather on the Dieppas is so buttery soft.

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