a holiday from our holiday


We wrapped up our road trip by returning to our friends in Christchurch, who then took up on a road trip up north, to the Marlborough region, where they have a holiday home (a "bach") on Queen Charlotte Sounds.

It finally felt like true summer in New Zealand.


We drove to vineyards - for the Marlborough region's famed sauvignon blancs -  and had a merry time trying out wines, eating, and buying wine home of course.


We also went to a place called Mussel Pot, for obvious reasons.


The skies in New Zealand are sights in their own right.


Kaikoura was unexpectedly tropical in colour.


But of course in the tropics you wouldn't see seal colonies.


With just two nights in Marlborough, we barely scratched the surface of its charms. But I relished the laidback vibe because it made for such a pleasant contrast to the dramatic sights that dominated most of our trip, and provided the perfect note to wind down to our inevitable departure for home.

* I'm actually on holiday in Indonesia with my family right now, and this is a pre-written scheduled post. Happy Lunar New Year to everyone who observes this holiday, think prosperous thoughts!  


jamie-lee said…
I hate to say that I have never truly explored the Sounds, although hopefully will get to see a bit more of the country this year. Looks beautiful, and will have to keep in mind the Mussel Pot. Hope you are having a great time in Indonesia! xx
Anna said…
What a beautiful, beautiful country! I hope I will soon get the chance to travel New Zealand. I love the picture of the sunset (I guess) because of the reflection of those pink clouds in the water!
Amanda said…
Happy Chinese New Year, Lin! Your NZ posts never fail to impress me. :-) Hope you're having lots of fun in sweltering Indonesia.
Joy said…
happy new year! both indonesia and new zealand sound equally amazing.
lin said…
jamie-lee: it was really a lovely getaway and the proximity to good wine is an added bonus!

anna: the colours that evening were unreal.

amanda: happy new year! i did have lots of fun and wished i had more time to plan it through, but it's near enough for a second visit, and not expensive to get there either.

joy: happy new year! i highly recommend both destinations. shame i never visited yogya until this year, when it's so close!

Eileen said…
I have never been to New Zealand but your pictures are beckoning me..lol

What camera do you use for those photos? So beautiful and raw.

Blessed New Year to you too! Been crazy sorting out emails at work after the new year break!
lin said…
Eileen: All of the ones in this post were taken with my iPhone 4. It's a pretty good camera that does all the colour correction and white balance really well, without looking overly enhanced.

New Zealand is amazing...I think there's so much to see and I love how uncrowded it feels compared to Singapore!
What time of year did you go here please? I am planning a holiday and love the look of these summery pictures, yet crisp scenery... Thanks!

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