notes for february

  • I've switched working hours and for some reason, leaving the house bright and early makes me dress more formally.
  • "Kungfu Panda" and "Kungfu Panda 2" are the perfect stay-home Lunar New Year movies - festive and hilarious.
  • Listened to Suze Orman on television the other day. For the most part, she made so much sense - if spending the money makes you feel uncomfortable, don't. You should feel good about what you spend on. So true.
  • I love that my daisy-print shirt could pass for polka dots from afar. So I don't feel like I need to buy a polka dot shirt. Mostly.
  • Re-watched "L.A. Confidential" the other day. When Russell smouldered and you couldn't take your eyes off Guy Pearce. What happened to Guy Pearce?
  • Emmanuelle Alt dances about as well as I do. I leave it to you to decide if that's a compliment. Also, LOVE Mlle Agnes.

Also, I'm glad you guys enjoyed the interview with Prêt à Porter P.


I agree about feeling good about what you spend your money on--I read that in one of Bazaar's books and it's stuck with me sense. That Vogue video is so cute! I swear that Taylor Jacobson (the former Rachel Zoe assistant) is Emmanuelle's long lost daughter--their faces look so much alike. I'm envious of Alt's ability to wear white jeans--and slim ones at that. And yes where the heck is Guy Pearce?

-ps. Thanks for making me look smart. :D I look forward to reading your next interviews.
I've started taking really early classes and having to wake up earlier makes me dress more formal too! I guess because I'm on a strict schedule now I make time to look presentable where before I would have nowhere important to go and dress more casual.

I also wonder what happened to Guy Pearce! haha

I love your blog please keep bringing such wonderful material! said…
Hi Lin, that's a lovely shirt!

I like that Suze Orman quote and agree whole-heartedly with that comment.
Fashion Tidbits said…
have you ever thought about joining bloglovin?
Maja H said…
That Suze Orman quote is so true! I actually bought her book "The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous", but I am ashamed to say that I still haven´t read it. It sits in my bookshelf and I give it guilty looks from time to time.
Maja H said…
That was actually supposed to say "The Money Book for the Young, BROKE and Fabulous". I´m definitely smack in the middle of that target audience ;)
miss sophie said…
love LA Confidential, GP is still hot! i think the last great film i saw him in was Memento. have you seen Factory Girl?

mmmm agree on the Suze Orman quote. sticker shock is another story, but you do have to not freak out about plunking down the $$ for something you really love. which is why i'm holding off on that birkin for a while yet...haha!
hannah-rose said…
this is a really great shirt!! I love it a lot! I do love wearing shirts in summer - i find them so easy.. and for some reason tee shirts never seem dressed up enough but i never get that problem with shirts. I just pop one on and go.

petrichore said…
I like the interviews--keep them coming!

The daisy print is really cool, and it looks like its made out of really comfortable, breathable fabric (which I imagine in the tropics is a godsend). Cute!

minima/maxima, a blog about minimalist style
Fleurette said…
That vogue video cracks me up, I love that madame Alt has humor and self-irony which is so refreshing for a big name in the fashion industry.

And lovely shirt by the way!
I love little prints like the snowflowers on that shirt! I havent been spending much money lately so I guess that has been my personal mantra lately. makes saving and splurging on something you really want that much more fun!
Anonymous said…
Totally thought those were polka dots!
lin said…
Pret a Porter P: What do you mean, it was all you :)

And yes, Emmanuelle Alt is so blessed to be able to look like that in white jeans.

Stephanie & Silvya: Waking up early makes me feel more purposeful I think.

He was in The King's Speech, but it was all too brief.

And thanks for the kind words!

eileen: Thanks! I bought it last year but decided to save it for CNY.

Fashion Tidbits: No...should I be considering?

Maja H: I shld look up the book in the library...I feel like even after being in the workforce for 4-5 years, I am terrible with managing in income.

miss sophie: No...But I did see him in The King's Speech, he played Edward.

Your bag collection is going to be insane, with a Birkin, haha.

hannah-rose: shirts are the easiest thing for work, especially for a jeans addict like me - a shirt smartens me up right away.

petrichore: look out for the next one this friday!

and yep, it's a nice easy cotton. I wish I did a better job of ironing it...

fleurette: it made me smile...although I did think, 'what does this have to do with your new website?'.

alice: I agree. I suppose it's the fear of something selling out that makes us rush to buy things instead of patiently setting money aside for it.

editor: yes!
Fleurette said…
I guess it was just a stunt.. or a reason for the vogue staff to do something fun, haha.. because "wake me up before you go-go" is apparently one of Emmanuelle's favorite songs!
ll said…
Love the shirt! Can you recommend some good shirt makers? Preferably somewhat more boxy models.
CamisaBlanca said…
Suze's advice is spot on and something I need to refer back to over and over again. Thanks for the reminder (and the interview with PPP!).

Also, great print on the shirt.
lin said…
fleurette: I like Emmanuelle Alt, she seems like a cool, relaxed person and I like her styling too. And her ability to pull off white jeans, sigh.

ll: This is actually a men's shirt - a slim-cut men's shirt usually has the slouchy, boxy feel I'm going for without being too baggy. Just look for something with slim arms - the best fit for me is the size "S" men's shirts from A.P.C., and I also find that Uniqlo's men's slim-cut shirts run small enough to fit well on women. This particular shirt is actually Paul Smith men's...I got it at the outlet at Bicester Village at a ridiculously good price.

I also like Massimo Dutti women's cotton shirts because they're not expensive, and well made for the price - they have a variety of cuts and there's always a boxier fit in their range.

I just bought a shirt from Margaret Howell and they definitely have that perfect boxy fit. But they're also quite expensive, and frankly there are good shirts to be had for less money. It's a matter of whether you think it's worth it...I did because I admire her brand and aesthetic and business model.

CamisaBlanca: When I heard the quote, it just made things so simple and clear...hopefully that stays with me!
chrisbean said…
I love that you're running through all of my favorite CPU bloggers, a list that also includes you.

CPUs, in this case, are Cayce Pollard Units, named for the heroine of a couple William Gibson novels. She only wears black, grey, and white clothing, and only clothing that could have been worn to a general lack of comment anytime between 1940 and 2000. She's a little bit my fashion hero.
Vittoria said…
Hi! I love your blog and I gave you a special prize: "Liebster Blog Award". If you want to know more, take a look at my blog:

lin said…
chrisbean: I had never heard of that til now, but I'm definitely looking for William Gibson books the next time I head to the library. And thanks for the compliment!

vittoria: I just got that award, which I posted about a few posts ago, but thanks, I'm glad you thought of me.

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