notes for february, part II


  • The Steven Alan spring 2012 lookbook, like their previous spring lookbooks, is full of great ideas for how to dress for warm weather. I’m not moved to buy anything, but I find the looks inspiring for how to wear some things I already own
  • Loving my wide-leg jeans now that the days are tipping over to scorching; I like them best with boxy tops and flat sandals
  • M&S’s dark choc digestives are still king, but I’ve decided to diversify with their blueberry and oat biscuits, and a jar of mini Hanuta hazelnut wafers. I declare I have the best stocked desk in the office
  • In April, I will be diving at the Tubbataha Reef in the Philippines, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Six full days of diving, eight days living on a boat. Bliss. Would be nice to find a new swimsuit by then
  • I was at Uniqlo looking for socks when I saw an array of adorable printed cotton shirts that looked somewhat familiar. Upon inspection, it turns out they’re a collection by Orla Kiely for Uniqlo! I hadn't known about this. They’re actually quite nicely made, the way Uniqlo button-downs generally are, they’re priced the same as Uniqlo’s usual things, and they’re perfectly in harmony with the Orla Kiely aesthetic. Designer collaborations don't have to suck
  • After a year of yoga classes, which saw me start off learning how to touch my toes properly, I managed a shoulder stand in class the other day, to my utter, utter astonishment (I almost fell over in surprise, but I hung on a bit longer). Yes, we can teach a dog new tricks


Joy said…
everyone is talking about that collab with UNIQLO and I want to see it so badly! i checked out the lookbook and its so wonderfully simple that i found some inspiration there as well. diving in the phillipines sounds AMAZING. this year is looking good for you!
hannah-rose said…
so the orla kiely for uniqlo stuff is SO GOOD! I picked up a beautiful silk-cotton mix printed scarf for my mum in Hong Kong and she hasn't stopped wearing it! it's so lightweight and perfect for humid sydney weather at the moment, but it also has this beautiful orla kiely print on it, all peachy prettiness.

I love steven alan's new look book too. I had never been to any of his stores before this most recent trip to NYC and it was really good to check them out in person/ They have mast brothers chocolate in there!!

lin said…
joy: it's cute...I couldn't see myself in the prints and in any case Uniqlo women runs too small for me, but I think it's the perfect answer to anyone looking for a nicely-made print shirt for the summer! They also had cute cotton shifts - again, nicely made, but not me. I bought a scarf instead.

hannah-rose: I loved the scarves too! It was actually hard to pick just one.

I got a bar of mast chocolate from a friend who just returned from New York. It was good, but not great for me...but maybe it's more a case of the flavour she chose not sitting well with me, than the quality.
Nhu said…
Congrats on the shoulder stand!

I was just looking at one-piece swimsuits over at boden last night. Maybe that would would work for you? I found several possibilities for a reasonable price. And diving sounds like so much fun.
Anonymous said…
Aahhh the Tubbataha Reef is a goldmine!! (going there myself in June, hope the weather cooperates...)

Also great to hear about the shoulder stand. I'm a yoga newbie and still working on touching my toes haha
Unknown said…
I'm so so excited for the Orla Kiely collab, we're getting it here in the UK in the middle of this month. It seems print designer (Marni, Laura Ashley) collaborations work much better than some of the others? easier to translate prints into cheaper items I suppose!
Lindsay said…
Six days of diving? I'm jealous. Congrats on the shoulder stand too! That is really, really tough!
petrichore said…
Wow, what a fun trip that sounds like!
lin said…
Quinn: Thanks! And thanks also for the swimsuit tip, will check out Boden, although I hope to buy something in person rather than online because swimsuit fit is quite hard to gauge by eyeballing it.

navyslate: Ooh! I heard May and June are good times to go, esp May...sometimes April is too early in the season and the waters can still be rough, but it was the best time, work schedule-wise.

And I can relate...I swear my hamstrings are unnaturally tight. But yoga is to some extent about embracing your limitations no? Haha.

Fen: Yep you're right about prints being cheaper to translate. I think the Orla Kiely collab is definitely worth checking out - the house slippers are so cute!

Lindsay: It's the only thing keeping me going until April.

It was quite demoralising that most ppl in my classes could do shoulder stands, so it was really exhilarating when your body surprises you by cooperating.

It'll prbly take another year to perfect it hahaha.

petrichore: I sincerely hope it lives up to expectations!
miss sophie said…
love your 'notes' posts. i'll have to check out my local uniqlo here for the OK stuff. i haven't been in a shopping mood at all lately since holidays.

i need to start yoga after years of saying i need to start yoga... :P
Lindsay K said…
Congrats on the shoulder stand. It's not easy. It's amazing how those types of things really do increase your confidence.

Your 'notes' posts are too good. I love hearing about what's going on in your world;)

The excitement leading up to travel is always so fun. It also reminds me that I need to get my travel plans in order.
Katherine said…
I love Steven Alan as well! So many great items, I'm jealous that you call pull off wide leg jeans!
lin said…
miss sophie: yoga isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it feels just right for me after years of running and swimming; it's a building strength in a different way.

lindsay k: Thanks! I actually thought I was being a tiny bit lazy with these notes, but it's the best way for me to share random thoughts at the moment.

katherine: i think it's a matter of finding the right pair of wide-leg jeans - I look terrible in quite a few of them!

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