weekend in the city


Okay only Andy Murray actually played at the Thailand Open this year, but the occasion was perfect for me and my friends to pick up "I heart XXX" t-shirts (mine is Nadal) for the day we finally organise a proper trip to a Grand Slam to watch some epic tennis. I spent the weekend in Bangkok for some tennis and major Thai food action. The finals wasn't the most thrilling (Murray massively outplayed the poor promising-but-green Donald Young) but the semis were not too bad, and the doubles finals was surprisingly exciting.

While passing Kinokuniya in Bangkok I noticed they sold those Japanese catalogue-type magazines they lovingly produce in Japan for clothing brands each season, usually sold with a fee tote bag. I've seen quite boring ones where it's just one item of clothing after another, but the A.P.C. this season is rather good, as neatly summarised on the cover:


"Kiko Mizuhara in New York" is rather good. Love her hair.


Another nice one, really puts you in the mood for autumn.


And the ubiquitous free tote bag. Camou is so not my thing but the colours of this canvas one are rather nice. It also came in super-handy in Bangkok for us to toss odds and ends into, like "I heart" t-shirts, endless bottles of water (only way to beat the heat and dust in BKK) and snacks (Bangkok never fails on the bakery front, so much good bread).


Don't mind the crap pictures taken on my Blackberry camera (mine is a rather cheap BB with a correspondingly rubbish camera...)


CPJY said…
i absolutely love kinokinuya bookstores! there's one in little tokyo in los angeles that i always go to when i'm in the area. there's also one on new york, but i haven't been there yet.
kiko is so extremely beautiful. she pulls off everything with ease. thanks for sharing!
Lapin de Lune said…
I also adore that haircut, something that wouldn't work at all well on me due to the poof and the frizz, but oh!
Lindsay K said…
Sounds like a great weekend with friends. Tennis is always fun to watch. The Kinokuniya store in New York is always a fun place to explore. Those catalogs are always cute little gifts to bring back for friends.
yanqin said…
Catherine: Kinokuniya is just terrific for books beyond bestsellers and general fiction - they have the best selection of magazines and special interest books too, although their prices aren't the best. I buy almost all my reading material there.

lapin de lune: Me neither. My hair is just too coarse and unpredictable for the style.

lindsay K: Someday I will make it down to NY for the US Open! It will be a great chance to check out NYC as well.
Anonymous said…
I see you have something with spanish...I remember reading your post about Guardiola, my boyfriend is a Barcelona supporter and he wants to look like him!! Nadal is a really nice guy, good choice.
yanqin said…
lunaday: I didn't make the Spanish connection until you pointed it out, haha. But Nadal has one of the best attitudes I've ever seen in professional athletes and I greatly admire him for that!

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