bon voyage, part II


Behold, my travelling outfit. The outfit I will be in for at least 14 hours as I cross oceans and continents. The outfit I may be trapped in if there should be any delays, or if my luggage goes missing when I land, or if I miss a connecting flight, the list goes on. Picked for maximum comfort should any of that happen, with consideration for the need to look presentable.

And what's in that big blue bag of mine, you ask? (I'll assume you're asking.)

1) A zipped pouch, compartments optional.


One that fits your passport and boarding passes, forms, departure cards, pens, bits and pieces of paper confirming your bookings, directions etc, passport photos, some cash, and other miscellaneous things you always need to fish out whenever you're making you're way through an airport. I like having all this stuff together in one place, within handy reach - it drives me crazy to root around for things while balancing luggage and trying not to look vulnerable in a foreign country. My phone is usually in here as well.

Chicer types than me may like a plain leather one - like those Comme Des Garcons ones - that can double up as a clutch?

2) Reading material
I like forcing myself to choose something at the airport bookstore - you surprise yourself when choices are limited. That's how I picked up my first Iris Murdoch book.

3) Sweets
Many a ruffled feather - usually having to do with missing a train and trying to sort out an alternative - have been soothed by introducing a sweet at an opportune time. Bonus if it's a mint that can freshen that sick feeling in your mouth after an overnight journey without a clean bathroom at hand to brush your teeth.

4) Face-care for long journeys


For me this usually means some face wipes and a travel-sized portion of my favourite facial moisturiser. Even if a shower isn't available to me, I usually feel better if I can wipe clean my face and neck. I try to save sachets of samples that sales assistants dole out, and I always ask for a few sachets whenever I'm buying moisturiser. They are perfect for overnight flights. The little tubs Sephora gives samples in is also useful for these things.

And concealer. Self-explanatory.

5) An inexpensive watch
I don't always know for sure what kind of neighbourhood I'll end up living in when I travel, and for the most part, I think it's glaringly obvious I'm a tourist. Wearing an expensive watch is just setting myself up to be mugged or scammed, so usually I usually opt for something basic and water-resistant, plus it wouldn't kill me if I damaged or lost it.

6) A snuggly scarf that you won't worry about dirtying
Keeps you warm, and adds instant flair. It's awfully handy to a big piece of cloth to cover up when you need to (in conservative countries) and if you're feeling gross about whatever bedding you're stuck with in some dodgy accommodation, it's something to lie on. This doesn't happen often, but it has happened to me so I guess you can never be too prepared. Anyway, it's more convenient to keep warm on a plane in a scarf than in a sweater, in my opinion.

7) Music

When that baby in the next row starts wailing.

8) Camera
Because I can't check it in, for fear of damaging it. A heavy, cumbersome drag.

If I sound a bit grumpy, it's because I hate flying. Only little people, who fit comfortably into airplane seats, or people who fly business class minimum, or people who magically fall asleep at will, could love flying.

Well, off I go.


miss sophie said…
loooove your traveling outfit. that drapey tee/scarf(?) is perfect. i think packing the essentials for travel is one of those life skills that force you to pack the maximum of 'luxury' into an economy ticket. i don't know if flying used to be more glamorous, but i feel a bit better knowing that i can plan to make the whole flight as pleasant as possible. and yes, i can fall asleep on flights, but i still don't like flying.
Pret a Porter P said…
I think a part of chic is knowing what works for you--has nothing to do with cdg this or balenciaga that. I LOVE your outfit, I wish I knew how to do that with a scarf. Happy and safe travels! :)
Corinna said…
i love "essentials" posts like this, they remind me of stuff i usually forget about. i never think to bring a big scarf with me when i travel and i always regret it mid journey...also, i love flying, even though my knees always hurt when i sit still for longer than an hour, so i have to start walking up and down and do funny excercises ;)
how tall are you if you don't fit into an airplane seat? i'm just wondering...
hannah-rose said…
who does love plane travel?? Not me... I always get very anxious on planes, it's so bad. I'm very very very jealous of your holiday! I have wanderlust at the moment something very bad... I love your list of things in your bag, it's definitely very true, if you have to choose a book at an airport you always end up with something surprising. It may be trite but that's how I first got into John Grisham and that was a whole month-long obsession where I read A time to Kill in like 2 days and then moved onto runaway jury :)

Safe travels!

Unknown said…
I'm reading irish Murdoch at the moment :)

Have a safe and wonderful trip! x
Chuck said…
Jealous of your travels. Not of the flying though. I hate flying too and I resent people who still find it exciting. I'm not afraid of flying, I just find it boring, uncomfortable and ugly. It gets you there though!
Alice said…
that concealer is great. i agree with scarves being more useful than a sweater :) have a good trip!
Vegalyn said…
Welcome to Europe!
0000 said…
Hope you have a safe trip!
Anonymous said…
definitely my destination and attitude about going there is a factor in my fondness for flying.
what do you find that you miss the most, possession-wise (something that you don't bring with you, and notice while you're away), when you travel?
Human Racing said…
I will definitely be copying off of you with the small traveling pouch. As long as the flight isn't unbearably long, I at least don't not enjoy flying (if that makes any sense). But then again I'm one of those people who falls asleep anywhere.

Well wishes with your travels!
Katherine said…
I love travel posts and have my own little small traveling pouch :) Your outfit looks very chic and comfortable btw - hope you're having a nice time!
yanqin said…
miss sophie: Thanks! It's actually a scarf that seems to blend quite well with most of my shirts.

When I sleep on a flight, I tend to dream that I am arriving, only to wake and discover that I have another 5 hours to go...

Pret a Porter P: Thanks! That's about as inventive as I get with a scarf.

And I agree - knowing what works for you is the best way to go.

corinna: My knees hurt on certain seats too - it's the way the seat ends at a certain point that puts pressure on the back of my legs just above the knee, if that makes sense.

I'm about 5'10-11. Not crazy tall, but tall enough to feel it on a flight.

hannah-rose: Airport books totally encourage compulsive reading. I once started on The Passion of Artemesia by Susan Vreeland and just had HAD to start reading Girl in Hyacinth Blue immediately when I was done.

Little Ghost: Cool! Which book?

Chuck: Sometimes I'd rather take a bus than a plane...I sleep very well on buses.

Alice///VESTIGIAL WINGS: Thanks!

Vegalyn: THanks!

0000: Will do, thanks!

editor of that blog: The best time on a flight for me is actually when I'm happily reading something and everyone else is a asleep. But this is usually interrupted by some searing pain in my body eventually.

It's usually one of my other bags, because I usually just bring one. I think I will never be a one bag girl.

Or, if I'm travelling somewhere cold, I always miss wearing shorts and letting my skin breathe.

austere: it's terribly useful, but make sure it's big enough to fit the average boarding pass, etc!

ad i envy your ability to fall asleep at will. treasure it!

katharine: Thank you!
Cecilia said…
Hi, chance upon your blog via Un Petit Bijou.

Useful advice you gave, especially about cheap watches! I once lost an omega vintage onboard a plane when I left it in the toilet.

And I am someone who can fall asleep anywhere...but I still hate travelling anyway i.e. waiting for check-in, plane to take off etc.
Anonymous said…
where are your jeans fro? love!

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