i am so wrong

Hahahaha, and the NYT's Bill Cunningham has the results of the final winner of the handbag classic -

Here's the accompanying text -

"And the winner of the handbag classic is: Goyard by a mile! Picking up speed in the last month, lightweight bags by the 153-year-old French luggage maker outran the heavy, overembellished prestige bags to become the most popular bag carried by women on luxury mile, Madison Avenue and 57th Street. Of lacquered linen and cotton, the bags don’t shout status and there are no waiting lists at Goyard boutiques at Bergdorf Goodman and Barneys. A Goyard tote bag starts at about $855 (extra for ribbons and monograms)."

So much for all my smug predictions. I don't like Goyard even I can see it's something of a favourite amongst the photographed-in-Vogue crowd. I like the shape, and that's about it. The colour combinations don't work for me either. But perhaps it's a comfort to now that despite It-bag mania, some bags defy any clever OTT marketing attempt.

I think it's the tetris-esque monogram. I think it's ugly, but then what do I know?

Picture from nytimes.com


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