So the NYT's Bill Cunningham has spotted his second winner of the "triple crown designer handbag popularity sweepstakes", and it is (drumroll) the B Fendi -

I guess it's not really a shock is it, given that the bag was all over magazines in all its varying sizes and styles. There are plenty of gaudy versions going around and when I first saw I thought it was kind of hideous. But then it sort of grew on me. Have I been force-fed an It bag or do I actually like it?

I haven't seen the oversized ones around much, and those are the ones I like best. Not loving it in the way I love the Spy, but it's ringing my bells. I particularly like it in white with a red trim. I also prefer the shoulder purses that have the horizontal buckles than the huge double buckles, but those bags are too small for me.

I guess I am completely falling for the oversized bag trend, but it's one trend I would gladly give my heart to. I am a rat pack at heart and frankly, I'm too big a girl to tote a tiny bag around, just like I don't do delicate pretty jewellery.

First the Chanel patent "trash" bag, now the B Fendi. What could the next bag be? I vote vote for the Miu Miu Coffer bag because that is my IT bag for the season, no dice. Or something nice from Lanvin.

But I think it's down to either the Edith from Chloe, the ever-popular Lariat from Balenciaga, or something by Marc Jacobs, perhaps the heavily-knocked-off Stam.

P.S. - Just realised that it could also very well be a YSL, possibly the Muse bag, which is soooo boring. And if it turns out to be that horrible reversible one, it'll be hell of a letdown.

Picture from nytimes.com


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