a minor rant

Feeling a little on the bored side - so I tidied my dresser yesterday and came across a cute necklace from Topshop I bought myself during Chinese New Year. They have a totally excellent selection of gold costume jewellery by the way, definitely worth checking out. Some of it is a bit pricy for the quality, in my opinion, and Topshop being Topshop and Singapore being really small, someone's bound to have the same piece as you.

But hey, what about all those women carrying IDENTICAL Louis Vuitton Speedy bags everywhere? They spent SO MUCH and still end up with something not that exclusive? I love my cheap little $16 buy, who cares if everyone else has it too? Share the joy.

Anyway, the necklace is very Sienna Miller, which I mean as a compliment. I'm not in a habit of worshipping celebrities and their style, because nine times out of ten, they have STYLISTS as opposed to real style, but Miss Miller (or her stylist?) rocks. She does not look cookie-cutter pretty, does not look boring pretty, does not look contrived.

Personally I think some of her clothing choices are pretty dodgy, but I like the way she does not look immaculate, just like the way my new necklace is not a picture-perfect piece from a top jeweller. It looks like something someone would wear for the simple reason that she likes it, and not because it's a status symbol.

Okay I think it's a bit rich of me to rant about cookie-cutter style when I bought a necklace that 20 other people will own (not to mention thousands over the world), haha. But I was just feeling a bit riled about an article I read in a back issue of Female magazine, about how an It bag of the season could buy a woman respect.

Disgusting. I like fashion and all, and have nothing against people who buy luxury goods, but please don't spread the gospel that a $3000 bag will make people respect you more. You want to be respected for a bag? Not only is it a piece of utterly crappy and loopy advice based on some seriously self-delusional deductions, it's also shabby journalism and so shallow that I want to hide from my (future) child.

Please, buy something to make yourself happy and beautiful, not because you hope it'll bring you respect. Maybe you get off on the envious stares of others, but I hope you also find yourself something more substantial to gratify yourself. Have a little self respect - don't base your self-worth on a bag.

Okay, happy thoughts. Yep, go buy yourself a little something to cheer yourself up, everyone needs a mid-week perk up.


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