loving resort

It must be the heat. Whatever it is, it's a great time to be checking out the resort collections. This is stuff that comes out between the fall stuff for ths year and the spring stuff for the next, and in my opinion, they tend to look more timeless and less trend-based.

And also very appealing to a Singapore girl living in a hot house environment.

I am loving Vera Wang's resort for collection, which was inspired by ballerinas. And instead of giving us tights and tutus galore, Ms Wang, happily enough, gives us a lovely collection with pieces that recall the lightness and grace of ballerinas, rather some kind of bizarre 80s' dancer send-up.

I was so inspired that I had to go out and buy myself a pair of black fitted capris from Topshop that kind of recall the feel of leggings without actually being leggings that gives one those bizarre carrot-shaped legs. Those are too much of a cliche from the 80s' to be chic for me. And so uncomfortable. I like the fact that the looks were all shown with flats, which is my shoe of choice.

The best thing is the colours - I am loving the dirty greys and inky blues and the dusty creams, and generally the whole feel is pretty but not stifling. A total tour de force.

And did you see the necklace? I want.

Elsewhere, Zac Posen also did some nice things.

I've never been a Zac Posen fan, but these are great dresses and incredibly wearable. I got myself something similar to the one on the right for my birthday, at Zara - a steal for $59.90. Mine is a graphic print in dirty grey, inky blue and dusty cream, and so it kind of encapsulates my favourite elements of resort with long-awaited desire for a graphic-print dress.

I've been shopping waaaay too much lately, with the sales and all. I know most people think what's left at the sales are like, the dregs of the collection, but actually if you look hard, there are loads of gems to be discovered. I got two pairs of shoes at Zara for $100, which is about the price you usually pay for one pair. It pays to have feet on the larger end sometimes, you get the stuff no one can wear.

I also got those Topshop capris on sale, and in the same sale, I found a gorgeous linen jacket with poet sleeves that reminds me of this Lanvin (from resort 2005) -

But mine is nowhere as dramatic, and way less expensive at $53. Pretty good buy for a jacket, and I love the couture vibe. My sisters think it's hideous, but to hell with it.

Dammit, I need to stop! Going to Bangkok tomorrow after all, I should save my pennies for some great shopping there. Actually I don't really buy all that much - I tend to blow my money on food instead, but still, you never know what you'll find. Oooh but tonight, I get to wear my new Zara dress. Woo hoo!


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