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I had a gander down my Tumblr memory lane recently, which I started around 2011, and stopped posting some four years ago. The above is a smattering of what I admired back in July 2011.

I still admire them.

Sure, I've become a lot more realistic about wearing knits and layers in Singapore. I know my life has limited capacity for tailoring. But when I scroll through the images, I see a colour palette that still refreshes me, and an easy spirit I still aspire to.

These days, Instagram forms the bulk of my social media consumption (I don't tweet, FB etc), and random images like that don't cross my way so often. But I still like saving the odd post, organised via the "collections" function. And it can be fun to see what has been catching my eye, collectively.

The Sartorialist is still pretty good source of inspiration for me, and it's much easier to follow his work through IG than to visit his blog. He has an eye for capturing quirky classicism that other street style photographers seem to miss.

These two looks in particular, speak to my gradual inclination towards volume in recent years -


And I love the style of Linda V Wright, a former model who worked at Ralph Lauren, and now owns a boutique in Paris. Her style is an excellent mix of casual and polished, with some concessions towards prep and a dash of Parisian severity. She posts regularly on IG but you can find her older looks here.

Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 10.55.15 pmScreen Shot 2018-07-10 at 10.54.55 pm
Photos: @lindavwright

If I had to describe the shift in the kinds of looks I'm drawn towards, it would be that the photos from 2011 have a stronger girlish, gamine quality to them. Whereas now I feel a bigger pull towards more dramatic, interesting proportions. But hopefully still achievable with a pair of jeans and shirt or T-shirt. I feel comfortable with the odd, impactful flourish, because I'm realising it can be done in subtle ways.

Keeping track of my actual outfits is of course revealing of my personal tastes, but so is tracking the kinds of looks I'm currently inspired by.

What's currently inspiring you, style-wise? How has this changed from what you admired say, five to 10 years ago?


Archana said…
Denim. Currently crushing on on the outfits made my denim heads. Been admiring the denim on denim looks. Been admiring how the farmers, gardeners, older American men, the cowboys, the miners, ... wear their clothes. My raw heavy weight denim that I used to label 'expensive sandpaper for the body' has somehow become the most comfortable pair of jeans. And boy are they tough and durable. This is a rabbit hole I want to go down into and never come out.
MC Bontemps said…
Lucky you that your memory lane is digital, not physical ! My house is currently undergoing its once-a-decade repainting and among the many things which have been packed, covered and stacked out of harm's way are our joint magazine collections : US Vogue, World of Interiors, Sight & Sound, decades and decades (and tens and tens of kilos) worth of print.

In between the packing and stacking, I'm enjoying the romantic fantasy shoots in these old Vogues, the ones by Arthur Elgort and Ellen von Unwerth in particular, for example an entirely goofy one with all the mid-90s greats Linda, Christy, Naomi etc play-acting a narrative of a wedding gone dramatically awry in haute couture. Not exactly the stuff of style inspiration of daily life but then there is a big gulf between the images I now like to look at - say the rather maximalist Giovanna Battaglia - and how I actually dress, which tends to be informed by functionality and appropriateness, punctuated by an occasional effort to make some special garment or textile conform with the first two.
Pret a Porter P said…
I look forward to seeing how you interpret the voluminous silhouette into your wardrobe. I recently starting tracking The Sartorialist again. Are street style blogs still around anymore like they were 10 years ago? I feel The Sartorialist still looks like a breath of fresh air—probably in this era of style of body conscious or very baggy sweats—seeing polished, sophisticated, timeless, tailored looks stands apart. And this LindaVWright is very stylish.

In the past decade, the Hedi Slimane/Dior Homme era had just ended. And I was into the Dorian Grey meets Dior Homme look—rock and roll, tailored, androgynous; which evolved into the “Brooks Brothers” era—American nautical classics---navy blazers, stripes, shirts with buttons on the collar (more business casual). In my downtime, I wanted something darker, more interesting—edgy cool factor, pieces from the designers that inspired me. And then came Rick Owens…., mysterious, elegant, edgy dresses and edgy cool "no one notices but you" street wear. While I still like and occasionally wear American classic things, I feel less and less myself in it.
Fascinating topic to think about! I didn't keep a record of what I was admiring 10 years ago (though it was probably mostly whatever was in the J.Crew catalog then, with a mix of some of Kate Spade's styling at the time and what Blair Waldorf was wearing, and all of that is fairly different of what I pin now in the last few years) so I only really have is four years ago and now to compare. And then with the Pinterest board that I've been keeping for around the last four years or so, I've gone in a few times and gotten rid of quite a few old images that no longer fit in with what I was interested in more recently, so Pinterest isn't even a great record!

The aesthetic I'm interested in has changed a fair bit, moving towards a more neutral color palette (with fewer and fewer bright or printed accents) and the shapes I'm interested in have also changed over time (less a-line skirts once I realize I don't like the look on me, more interest in coats with more volume). Because there's such a giant change from 10 years ago and now, and it's been largely driven by what's cool to the blogs I was following in each period, I do wonder if I'd change my aesthetic again if something very different became cool to me!
Lakshmi said…
I follow The Sartorialist on IG, and that's likely the extent of my exposure to style/fashion on social media. That being said, I am drawn to simple lines and silhouettes that skim the frame, linen and cotton fabrics, minimally fussy accessories.

I don't know when I became this person! :) Ahh, it is what it is.

But I do tend to surprise myself when the right item presents itself, and that's why my wardrobe is a bit of a melange at the moment.

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