some of what i wore (july-august)


Looking back at these outfits (as well as ones shared in previous months), it's clear how narrow my colour palette is. Grey, once so dominant in my wardrobe, has faded away. I have flirtations with yellow accents, some items in burgundy, even a bit of salmon/coral pink. But blue and white is a combination I return to over and over again. It also makes my style seem a lot more consistent than it really is...

Other things I have been enjoying of late:

  • Swimming - the best exercise in this infernal heat.
  • Patagonian Road by Kate McCahill and You think it, I'll say it by Curtis Sittenfeld were two books I enjoyed very much recently.
  • Iced lattes - I used to find them diluted, but either my tastebuds have changed or people are making better ones now.
  • Figuring how to turn some of my older clothes to alter/tailor into refreshed versions. Hopefully I can share some results in a couple months. That white dress in the pix above used to have sleeves; I'm really pleased by how removing them has greatly improved the dress' wearability.
What have you been enjoying lately? 


Pret a Porter P said…
I know I say this all the time, but I admire the nonchalant ease in which you wear tailoring. I also like how you removed the sleeves on the white dress to make it more wearable.

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