Some of what I wore (April - May)


This isn’t a full picture of what I wore during the last couple of months, as I've been distracted by work demands and remembering to snap a photo of my outfits seems like a huge ask.

Generally, I was road-testing my newest buys, and I've been enjoying how the new items seem to be working well with old things, and give them a kind of lift. I’ve settled into a certain kind of style and vibe over the years, and I tend to be attracted to things that make the “same-old” feel fresh, rather than rewrite my dress codes.

I've bought three pairs of trousers/jeans and a pair of shorts this year, and when I think about it, it's no coincidence that I happen to be still carrying the pounds I gained last, 90 per cent of which went to my hips and thighs, it seems.

I'm not exactly short of things to wear, but denim is a staple for me (I wear jeans to work), and not being able to wear the full range of my jean collection drove me crazy. Almost all my jeans are 100% denim, and those are not forgiving of weight gain...

This weight gain experience has taught me one new thing about shopping - I now ask myself whether something will still look good or fit well if I go up or down a size. Habits and health conditions change, and who knows what weight I'd be in a few years? I'd like whatever I buy to be able to manage at least a small range of changes, to get the most out of them.

So, the Uniqlo U high-waist wide-leg trousers I bought for example, fit closely but not tightly at the waist and have adjustable tabs for some wriggle room. They're roomy at the widest part of my hips and in the leg.

I also bought the JW Anderson for Uniqlo jeans, which are a classic straight leg with a high/mid-rise. The hips are roomy, classic "Mom jean"-style, but instead of tapering, the jeans are cut straight down all the way. To eyes used to skinny jeans, these would seem practically wide-leg but I'm old enough to remember the days where these were merely straight. In any case, they're madly comfortable, even though they're 100% non-stretch, sturdy denim.

As for the Uniqlo U denim shorts, the elastic waist is comfortable and doesn't restrict even though they give a bit of shape. The shorts themselves are wide and roomy and have the best. Pockets. Ever.

Another new item in these pictures is my JW Anderson for Uniqlo plaid skirt. It's a bit of a leap for me - I avoid buying skirts because skirts are the most under-worn things in my wardrobe. The addition of this skirt makes a total of three skirts in my closet. But I was drawn to the colour and the fabric (a kind of seersucker) and in recent years I've become very fond of the retro vibe of a full skirt.

I'll do a proper mid-year review of my wish-list at some point, but in short, I've gone beyond checking off some of the items I've craved, and bought a whole lots more stuff than I intended to. Also, that Uniqlo addiction has not been reined in and it is getting ridiculous...


Pret a Porter P said…
As always I admire how you maintain a casually tailored aesthetic in the tropics. You have the kind of style that I imagine The Sartorialist would stop for. The plaid skirt was one of the JWA standouts and pairs well with your oxfords.

Id be curious to see a post on handbags.

Something you said in one of your posts a whiles back still resonates with me, about keeping certain things because who knows what we do with our lives. Also, i finally watched A Bigger Splash and yup Tildas wardrobe is as great as everyone says.
Dr itGirl said…
I really love your casual style. Every outfit here looks so breezy and confident. I've been impressed with some of the newer Uniqlo items. I bought a Uniqlo U simple white T shirt recently and don't think I've ever felt such a thick sturdy cotton in my life before. Even though I try to minimize these mega-store purchases, I do still make exceptions for Uniqlo.
MC Bontemps said…
So many good ideas how to wear a sensible lace-up in warm weather. Wish I had these pics (and your Jan - Mar ones) in mind when I was contemplating a pair of discounted derbies in my size earlier this month. They were inexpensive no-name Spanish-made versions in a light tan, but I couldn't convince myself of if/ how/ when I'd actually wear them. You provide the necessary inspiration right here.
koko said…
I’ve gone up a size in my denim as well, I think it’s just getting older and the fat shifting places, lol. First time I’ve gone up a size since high school decades ago, so not bad. Denim choice is so overwhelming nowadays, I actually just go on eBay to find larger sizes of the jeans I already own because I can’t be bothered to try on so many brands and cuts in stores. Most replacements I’ve found for under $30. I am a huge fan of non stretch denim as well, I think they are more flattering on me. The last pair of new raw denim I bought I slept in them for several days until they finally started to give!
lin said…
Pret a Porter P: Blushing big time reading this, thanks! Missing outfit posts on your end. And glad you enjoyed A Bigger Splash! A bit flimsy as a movie but the aesthetics - impeccable!

I've mulling over doing a post on my bags as well, but haven't thought about how I'd go about it.

Dr itGirl: Thanks! I have majot guilt about buying so much from Uniqlo but the fact that their basics go on forever mitigates some of their guilt because I rarely throw anything out of theirs out. I stick to the cotton or linen items though, don't think their winter knits are so great.

MC Bontemps: Things always show up again! I feel quite confident about taking my time to buy things these days because I've noticed that either someone is still making it, or something good as new shows up on the secondhand market.

koko: I'm exactly like you, except that I'm still hoping that I can fit into my old jeans again now that I am resuming my old exercise regime (which I abandoned after I took off to travel and then broke my hand).

Agree that new denim is so underwhelming these days. I had a go with some secondhand versions of some acclaimed labels lately and it's like, what's the fuss? Even my old H&Ms are better than today's $250 jeans.

Pret a Porter P said…
I agree with you and Koko. I can't wrap my head around jeans today. All the crazy washes, finishes, ankles, embellishments, etc... at over well over $200 for a trend that will be SO OVER next year. Who can keep up?

As far as outfits, it's shameful how I dress. I leave home with clean clothes and I come back filthy dirty, covered in rips, cuts, and bruises.

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