hit the road, jack


It's been a relatively quiet couple of months, and peaceful, because after a taking a month off from work to recharge, it's helped me find some clarity about what I want to do next.

Turns out, what I want is a change from my current job, and hah, even more time off from work. I've decided to head over to South America for a couple of months - a continent I've always wanted to see, and no better chance now that I've decided to take an extended break. My itinerary begins in Chile, and includes Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia, and tips for making the most of my trip are welcome! I also have a 12-hour stopover in Amsterdam, so ideas for killing time there are welcome as well.

It's a little daunting, to be going off on my own, but mostly, I've felt grateful for the luck and life decisions that has made it possible for me to do something like this.

Some other random thoughts:

  • Watched "Elle" and thought it was brilliant - it hits all the right spots to make you blink, flinch, laugh, and question any assumption you've always held about how rape should be addressed and discussed
  • Read "Secondhand Time" by Svetlana Alexievich and loved it - I started on it while I was travelling in Russia and it was an amazing travelling companion that helped me make sense of what I was seeing. It's not an "easy" read - parts of it gave me nightmares and I had to take a break before finishing the book because of the pain and sadness it evokes. 
  • Bought reusable cotton facial pads, which I use to apply toner to my face, and it was such a relief to eliminate one more source of waste from my life. 
  • Found a cheaper replacement for my Aesop spray deodorant - a similar product from Sukin, also an Aussie brand. The scent isn't as amazing but it's every bit (actually more) effective in keeping smells away. Also ticked my "no animal testing" box. 


Unknown said…
Tell me where you got your reusable facial pads. I've been thinking about that lately, but haven't done it yet.

Good luck with your travels! I've traveled a lot by myself and it has mostly been great. The only down side has been when I've gotten into a really self conscious mood. Hopefully you don't have that issue!

Pret a Porter P said…
Happy and safe travels.
lin said…
Hi, I bought the S W Basics ones, although they're more expensive than the ones you can get on Etsy. But the SW ones are available in a store in Singapore so I could get them sooner, and save on shipping.
Safe travels! Can't wait to hear/read about your adventures. Working day in, day out definitely takes its toll so I'm happy that you're able to take a break.

And reusable cotton rounds, I can't believe I never thought of the concept, I use so many of them :/
Anonymous said…
Fascinated by the blend of city/hiking/camping you're doing...(neat trick packing for that...does your backpack include a sleeping bag?) Are you camping with an organization/group on the treks? I have S. America on my list (next up) and would be very interested to learn more, especially re: treks/camping. I enjoy traveling alone but I don't want to take on the camping piece solo.

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