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I refer to the 90s a lot when talking about style because 1990s minimalism had a huge, lingering influence on how I like to dress. But although the likes of Calvin Klein have retired, one designer whose work I've loved for years is still flying the flag for the power of minimalism - Narciso Rodriguez. 

In his hands, minimalism is luxurious and sensual, and he has that knack for playing with new ideas without beating you over the head with it. The clothes are pared back and precise, but not cold or austere. And there's an air of distinction that sets them apart - he conjures up a world of a cool, urbane, modern woman with purpose - but they are also restrained so that a woman can still be herself.

Narciso Rodriguez says a lot, with very little.

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nanashi said…
An apt description of Narciso Rodriguez's pieces. And he hasn't changed at all, which is an amazing testament to his vision.
Anonymous said…
Have you left blogging for good?:(

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