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Earlier this year, I bought a pair of Jack Purcells, in plain white weather. No bells and whistles, classic as they come, having been in production for decades.

Last month, I bought a pair of pink sneakers from COS. Blush pink is a pretty understated colour, but it's also a trendy at the moment (everyone is doing pink sneakers), and these shoes owe a debt to a number of brands (Common Projects, Adidas). These are shoes designed to tap the current fad for chic sneakers. 

Recently I bought a plain white cotton shirt from Uniqlo, made of a smooth fine cotton, fairly wrinkle-resistant, with a slightly oversized, mannish fit. Again, classic, basic.

Within weeks I bought a Zara shirt, despite my attempt to stop shopping there  (it's my first Zara item this year, which is exceptional for me, but still). It's blue-and-white striped, but with very on-trend floral embroidery. It's also the first time my mum and I fell for the same item - she being a fan of bright colours and florals; me, well, not usually a fan of bright colour and florals. We bought it promising to take turns on its ownership.

3) I saw this, and thought, why the hell not. It's an easy way of doing something new with things already in my closet. 


If anyone asked me to describe my style, I would answer automatically: "classic". But when I really thought about it, I realised this is untrue, especially if we go by a traditional definition of what is considered classic - perfect shirt, trousers, jeans, LBD, trench coat, t-shirt etc without embellishment or exaggeration. 

I like all of these things and it is certainly true that I don't like exaggerated silhouettes (wide shoulders, big flares, minis, high waists, low waists etc). But I also like fashion. Yes, there is an entire industry built around fashion, and companies shout trends at us, hoping we'll keep buying and buying. 

But people have always embraced and rejected ideas of how to dress, even before fashion became a thing for the masses. Every now and then, an idea comes along that catches my fancy, and suits my needs, and I partake. It can be a fresh colour combinations (blush pink for sneakers!), or it can be a silhouette (loose dresses over loose pants). 

I guess a better answer when asked about my personal style would be: "classic, but with exceptions". A nice way of capturing the infinite shifts in taste that will happen all our lives, not to mention the differences between one person's tastes from another. 

So right now, I am enjoying a touch of softness (pink, florals) and a more relaxed silhouette (keeping everything loose). 


Natalie said…
"Classic with exceptions" - I like that concept very much.
Archana said…
I describe mine as 'classics with a twist'.

During fashion weeks, I look for my staples on the runway to check out if the designer evolved the design. Shirt dresses for instance, have come a long way in the last few decades. The shirt gets some interesting twists and turns from time to time. I will forever be thankful for boyfriend shirts going mainstream.

One staple that doesn't evolve is the droopy shoulder-ness of a striped tshirt. Whats with that ?
Pret a Porter P said…
The pink sneakers are a nice addition. I like your take on "classics with exceptions." There are many variations of what is classic, esp subtle variations of silhouettes that evolve over time.
joannawnyc said…
You're allowed to like what you like!
Ever since I started my 'wear everything in my closet' project I've literally stopped shopping - I had a moment of weakness with a pair of R13 jeans from a consignment shop, but that's it! I'm really proud of myself for not shopping, but I also realize that it's been several months since I repeated outfits (not counting work outfits), so I can't ever complain about not having anything to wear!

As I get older though I notice and appreciate good tailoring more, it makes a noticeable difference with 'classic' style.

I like 'classic with exceptions' too, it affords a lot of wiggle room to describe one's style ;). I think by now I know what works with my body and frame, so it's pretty easy for me to recognize which trends won't work for me (pretty much everything I see on street style blogs nowadays!). I do like the whole 'athleisure' thing going on though... I know Vetements is ridiculous but I kind of like the aesthetic, oversized tailored leisure wear???
lin said…
natalie: it's a very "have it both ways" approach, hah

archana: i have no idea but i dislike such droppred sleeves or raglan sleeves on me, because they make me look shapeless, and I prefer a sharper look around the shoulder. i always buy bretons with "normal" sleeves!

pret a porter p: i think of classics as the skeleton, while the meat that goes over it changes over time and can be pretty extreme, like thom browne for example

joanna wissinger: well put!

koko: that's impressive. i like "shopping my wardrobe" but i always feel like i'm always on the lookout for something new. i love my plain navy shirt dresses for example, but i can't stop buying them when a new one comes along!

i actually like vetements, and off-white too for that matter (so junya watanabe!) - i've always been fascinated by streetwear even though i've never felt the urge to embrace it and i like how it's sort of making its presence felt.
Eileen said…
The "exceptions" sure add on the personal elements to your classic style. The blush pink brightens up the outfit.

Always enjoy your style posts!

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