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Ever since I bought a simple midi-length dress with a skirt that billows two years ago, I've been quite in love with the ease and elegance that comes with a long-ish, full-ish skirt, especially when pockets are involved. A full skirt is more comfortable than a pencil skirt, and the midi-length is practical as you're unlikely to flash anyone. It's retro in silhouette but modern in spirit.

Watching Tilda Swinton in A Bigger Splash gave me the same vibes. The 1950s roots of the costumes are obvious but there's nothing dated about them; they have a rumpled, laidback ease. There are subtle, sculptural details in the tailoring - literally classics with a twist - but it doesn't feel forced. It's Grace Kelly loosened up with edge.

It's been super warm, making it very tempting to spend my days lounging around in shorts and loose tank tops. But A Bigger Splash is inspiring me to seek a little elegance in the everyday.


Photos: Paris Vogue


Shutterbug K said…
Major Katharine Hepburn vibes in the last two shots. wow. is the last one a pantsuit/jumpsuit?
LL said…
I recently read an interview with Dakota Johnson about A Bigger Splash. Now that you sing your praises, I feel like I have to watch it soon.
Pret a Porter P said…
Oh wow, I've never heard of this one. But the wardrobe is so subtly stunning. The dress on the beach and the asymmetrical striped shirt....amazing. Tilda & Cate Blanchett have some of the most quietly elegant wardrobes in movies.
Ursa said…
I agree with Pret a Porter about the elegance, it's an eye candy to see this. However I'm not sure whether the midi- and full-length trend is something that would flatter my really petite figure. It seems like making already short people even shorter. Does anyone have the same feeling? Anyway, thanks for the movie recommendation.
erica said…
I love a fuller skirt with pockets paired with a tee and sandals. I think it's tricky getting the proportions right, especially if you're shorter. I like mine to go 1in below my knees. I tend to go with less volume but more pleats for movement.
A├»ssa said…
I'm really pleased to see fashion that's relatable and elegant even if these Dior garnments are out of reach financially, the spirit is accessible and easy to emulate.
The longer skirt has also been one of my favorite hot weather item these past summers, it's a fresh change from shorter lengths.
Just the Same said…
Coming across this a month too late, but ugh these sentiments are so true for me. I have a couple shorter skirts for days when the heat + humidity makes even a billowing midi too much fabric to bear, but my go to choices are my two billowy midis for the same reason. "retro in silhouette but modern in spirit" -- so well put!

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