In January, I did that thing I do every year, which is to look at all the ads for flight deals, and pick one, book and go. It was the clever thing to do because it's May and I'm very, very ready for a break.

So I booked a trip to Italy, tossing in a five-day stopover in Paris for good measure (isn't that the whole point of flying Air France?). The last time I visited Italy, I slept in the worst hostels of my entire trip, it was August, good things to eat were far and few in between, and boy it was hot. And I managed to have a good time. This time, the weather is likely kinder and I've wised up on my accommodation hunting skills. I'm revisiting the good old classics of Rome, Florence and Venice with a friend who's never been, and I'm making a detour to Ravenna, to see some Byzantine mosaics so that I am one step closer to my quest to see as many Byzantine-era mosaics in as many cities as possible in my lifetime. There will be PASTA. There will be PECORINO. 

(Also, art, and churches and gardens and palaces.)

There will also be tennis, because one reason my friend and I picked Rome was to catch the Rome Masters, as work forbids us from actually catching the French Open in Paris later in May.

As usual, I indulged in my favourite pre-trip exercise: wardrobe planning. I reckon I need to plan for warm days and chilly nights with the odd rainy day thrown in, and so narrowed down my list to:

- Striped t-shirt
- White sleeveless linen shirt
- Blue sleeveless linen shirt
- Navy merino wool pullover
- Beige linen knit pullover

- Skinny jeans
- Navy polka-dot viscose trousers

- Striped cotton sleeveless knee-length dress
- Blue linen sleeveless knee-length dress
- Black cupro sleeveless jumpsuit borrowed from sis

- Olive green cotton parka

- Grey high-top sneakers
- White leather lace-ups
- Black flip-flops

Flight outfit (also yoga outfit)
- White sleeveless muscle tee
- Black leggings
- Sneakers as above
- Beige linen pullover above

- Grey scarf
- As many pairs of socks I need to feel secure
- As many sets of of underwear I need to feel secure
- Two sets of pajamas
- Woven leather belt
- My mother's gold ring
- Burgundy leather purse bag
- Camera backpack
- Toiletries

I could have brought more things but I didn't feel like it - I prefer to underpack than overpack (except underwear and socks) and Italy and Paris aren't exactly places where necessities are in short supply. Since I'm mostly renting apartments with laundry facilities I don't have to worry about stale clothes. Nothing annoys me more than lugging a heavy suitcase around filled with things I'm not using.

Well that's it for now. Hopefully I will be back energised and ready to blog! I do miss writing on this space. 


Shutterbug K said…
I really like the layout you have assembled here; if you do end up needing more clothes Europe would be a great place to bring home a wearable souvenir.

Have a great trip Lin! I look forward to seeing your pictures.
Pret a Porter P said…
have fun!
Jess said…
Have an amazing trip! I hope I'll be as good at packing when I take my next vacation. :P
Fen Frances said…
Sounds wonderful, have a lovely time! Hope you get lots of sunshine and pasta :-)

You're a great packer! I still find myself over packing almost every time I travel. And you're so right, there's nothing more annoying than lugging around things you aren't using!
Anonymous said…
What brand are the skinnies and striped tops? Both look lovely! Bon voyage :)
Anonymous said…
Happy holiday! - I Ying
Archana said…
Happy Holiday !

I did that too. Pick layovers when going to my home country ( India ) so that i can travel a little.

And a secret reason to underpack. If you see that something special in France, you could consider picking it up. Just in case ;)

Eileen said…
Happy Hols Lin!

Always inspired by your packing posts:)
Anonymous said…
Ravenna is amazing! Went there once I was completely under the spell for long time:) You should also visit Sicily for their stunning mosaics from a Norman period (still dreaming of visiting one day)
Have a great trip:)
lin said…
Shutterbug K: Turns out I didn't need more clothes though I should have brought more socks, haha.

Pret a Porter P, Jess, I-Ying, Eileen: Thanks!

Fen Frances: I underpack more than I overpack but I find that it's worked out ok that way.

Anon: The skinnies are old H&M (Sqin?) and the skinny striped top is a men's T shirt from Muji. The thicker striped item is actually a dress - an old Cotton On dress that's perfect for travel because it's comfortable and modest and low maintenance, but doesn't look too raggedy.

Archana: Naturally! But I didn't shop all that much which is slightly regrettable because so many labels are cheaper there (even suitcases).

Anon: I didn't know about Sicily! Another excuse to return to Italy...

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