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Nayapul, Nepal, December 2014

I spent the last day of 2014 on "me time". I picked up my new mobile phone in the morning, got a hair cut, grabbed some magazines at the bookstore, and went home. I spent the rest of the day reading and snacking on strawberries, had a shepherd's pie I made a couple days before for dinner, and then lounged, read, and watch old episodes of The Mindy Project. I was blissfully unaware that the clock had ticked past 12, until a good 20 minutes later. I said very little all day.

It was the kind of day I lived for all year - in 2014 I felt extremely challenged at work, vacillating between "I love this!" and "I am not cut out for this!" and there were times I didn't handle the bad days well. I let myself get carried away with the drama of it all, and it was draining. I needed the days where I could ignore emails and speak the bare minimum. 

I feel a lot better about 2015. 2014, while challenging to get through, was extremely enlightening on hindsight, and spending the last few days of the year away from work has been a great way for me to organise my thoughts, and think about what I want to do this year. 

It's been quiet on this blog, because I haven't had the time (I have one blog project gathering dust in my draft folder and email inbox, apologies to those who responded!). But also because, much as I continue to love clothing and be fascinated by design and style, I also felt like I've said pretty much all I want to say about this topic. I enjoy reflecting on my buying decisions and reviewing my experiences with certain things (how well did these shoes hold up? how often am I wearing the dresses I bought? what should buy less of?) but there is only so much energy I can devote to those things. 

Increasingly I have become more comfortable with going with my instincts when it comes to shopping and dressing myself, and I feel less of a need to evaluate my purchases. If buying something is going to make me feel bad, I don't buy it. If buying something makes me feel good but not that good, I don't buy it. If I feel that warm glow in my chest from looking at something wonderful that captures my imagination, I buy it. If I need it, I buy it.

I continue to make the odd questionable impulse decision but I don't believe in spending too much punishing myself with regret. Life is far, far, far too short for that, and I trust that since I've almost always made responsible decisions all my life, buying a pretty swimsuit I won't be wearing for another six months isn't that major a mistake. 

In the same way, I hope to feel more certain about other aspects of my life as well. So, happy 2015! 


A├»ssa said…
Happy healthy new year Lin! Wish you all the best for 2015.
Great opening picture! It forecasts, I hope many more adventures to come!

2014 was for me as well an eye opener I got more out of my shell, invested myself in projects (others than buying more clothes and documenting it on my blog!) but I'm still struggling to get out of my profesional comfort zone.

To me, the last days of the year are always verging a bit on hysterical. It's half pleasant but the constant cheer, (mandatory) gatherings are also very overwhelming so I plan to devote my next staycation to as much quiet and alone time as possible.
Shutterbug K said…
Happy New Year Lin! Your vacation sounds like the reset/refresh you needed; I'm glad you were able to go.

I look forward to seeing pictures of Nepal when you get a chance to post :)
Pret a Porter P said…
welcome back :D
InnyVinny said…
Welcome back!

I could have written this very post. Such a refreshing read and I'm hoping 2015 surpasses 2014 in all ways.
Ammu said…
Well said. I completely agree with you re: shopping decisions - as long as I am saving and investing, I am not going to obsess over frivolous decisions made with my disposable income.
So lovely to catch up with you in Singapore. Hope you have a wonderful 2015.
Kali said…
Happy new year Lin! It sounds like you have found a solution to deal with stress with these travels and "me" days. I hope 2015 turns out the way you want, and that you can find a new direction for this blog (or another project). I remember feeling the same way about my blog last year, good luck with whatever direction you will choose for 2015 ;)
Anonymous said…
Happy New Year, Lin! Love the attitude you have towards shopping. I do less evaluating these days and just go with my instincts. If I regret, I will just resell.

Love the overcast skies and the slightly moody weather. Perfect for curling up with a good book:)
miss sophie said…
happy new year! i can totally relate to your instinctual and less 'overthought' process here. 2014 has been a very full year and i really needed to take a break the last 2 weeks and just unwind with family. :) here's to all things good and exciting in 2015!
lin said…
aissa: thank you. it's only the start, and already things are pretty crazy all over the world :(

shutterbug k: thanks! I hope to post some more pictures too, but I wasn't too fond of my of mine...one of my lens was damaged before my trip so I made do with ones that couldn't quite capture what i saw.

pret a porter p: thanks!

innyvinny: I hope it does for you! (and for me).

ammu: hope you had a smooth trip back, and hopefully be able to catch up with some other time this year as well :)

kali: Happy new year to you too!

i'm not really thinking too much about a direction for the blog - it's always been driven by impulse and i don't mind it that way, haha.

justeileen: i'm appreciating the cool weather while it lasts too!

miss sophie: same here! catch up soon :)

Anonymous said…
So glad you're back. Really appreciate your images + writing (especially when you're rawly honest) ... narrative content + perspective + a keen eye. Hoping you're able to find time for the blog in 2015. I follow only a handful regularly and missed your voice.
Abbie said…
Hi! Just found your blog and am enjoying the backlogs. Love the thought you put into each post.

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