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I thought perhaps it was a good time to bring back the "what I bought so far in 2014" exercise, since losing track of what I buy makes me dangerously deluded about how much I shop.

A summary -

Sensible classic purchased for work trip:
Beige trench coat from A.P.C. (second hand)

On sale and too good to pass up:
Dusty pink suede oxfords by Margaret Howell
Navy and green shirtdress by MHL
Camel leather ankle boots from Hope

Because I should rock a crop top before I'm past 30:
Tropical print cropped top and skirt from Zara

How did I manage without these:
Navy knee-length shorts from Uniqlo
White and navy striped cotton short-sleeved tee from Muji
White cotton t-shirts from Uniqlo (x2)
Navy midi-length dress from Uniqlo
Grey cotton high-tops from Bensimon

I worked hard, dammit:
Celine Trio in burgundy leather

Psyching myself up for my holiday:
Jade green sunglasses from Massimo Dutti

Pretending I'm still on holiday (also, 40% off sale items sounded so good):
Seersucker one-piece swimsuit from J Crew

Cute but I think I'll give it to my mum (again, those promo codes):
Navy cotton blouse with sleeve cutouts from J Crew

So, what can we take away from this?
1) I love sales
2) I shop when I am stressed or tired to reward myself
3) I still occasionally can't help buying things for fun
4) Basics rock. Also, they tend to fall apart all at once and need to be replaced in bulk


Shutterbug K said…
JCrew sure has a lot of sales nowadays. How are the Bensimons comfort-wise? I'm always curious about how much arch support is present in canvas shoes.
hannah-rose said…
I think I shop like you... I THINK that I don't, but if I actually start writing it down I do the same things: shop when I need a reward, shop sales online and buy impulse purchases for fun.. Hey speaking of, I haven't been shopping in a while..... haha

Jocy said…
I also stopped tracking purchases, which curbed some spending, hence my delusion about how I spend.
Anonymous said…
We need pictures, Lin.

- Lilah
Pret a Porter P said…
I worked hard, dammit LOL! How I justify my jewelry purchases.
And I hear you about basics all falling apart at once.
Sue said…
I was laughing at the justification for the Celine Trio too. You don't need any other or better excuse than that. I like to think that I'm getting better but I am deluding myself - I'm never happier than when the doorbell rings and there is a man bearing gifts (aka online purchases).
Maja said…
Hahahaha, loving the "I worked hard, dammit!". That's my favorite justification for pretty much everything under the sun.
Kali said…
That's a very efficient concept, sorting purchases by "category" rather than chronological date, that way it seems you can better see why you buy these things. I also tend to have many basics wearing out at the same time, it's quite annoying I admit... It's quite nice that only one of them proved unsuitable. Maybe a perk of knowing yourself better?
jamie-lee said…
I like your categorising of your purchases - I'm pretty sure if I did mine it would be a little like 'basics for work', 'basics for play', because I deserved a reward' LOL.

I'm a sucker for a sale too - been trying to buy most of my items this year that way, rather than pouncing on it the moment it hits the shops.
Ammu said…
Would love to see the dusty pink oxfords - they sound wonderful.
My big splurges this year have been bags - I picked up the Mansur Gavriel bucket in brandy leather, which is a great summer bag, and the Lotuff zipper satchel in hunter green, which is just perfect. I also picked up a few pieces of gold jewelry - mostly rings. As time passes, I am less wedded to a list. At this point, I need very little so most purchases fall into the "it's gorgeous, I gotta have it" category. The more I think about a purchase the less it belongs in my closet - that's pretty much my credo now.
Jessica said…
Haha that is a very good reason to buy a trio. I made a deal with myself a couple of years ago. Every time my contract gets renewed, I'm allowed to buy something expensive (one of them was a trio). I've been reading your blog for a while now, but I just started blogging myself to keep track of my purchases etc. Just a warning though, I still have a long way to go :)
lin said…
Shutterbug K: The soles of Bensimons are much thinner than Converse so comfort wise it isn't on the same level. The canvas body on the other hand is softer, and overall the shoe is much lighter which is nice for travelling. Converse high-tops look clownish on me, which is why I decided to go with these in the end. They're also not as cushy as my old Gram ones but they are much cheaper..

hannah-rose: that's what we think...

jocy: the truth can be brutal

lilah: been lazy about pictures on the blog - it's a lot of stuff to photograph! i have posted some of these on my instagram though

pret a porter p, maja, sue: it's very dangerous!

kali: only one proved unsuitable but i can't say the rest were necessary...

jamie-lee: feels like most things make it to sales these days, even classic things.

ammu: they are rather less wonderful to keep clean. I love them and wished i bought a second pair in cream! kicking myself.

I get what you mean about "it's gorgeous gotta have it!" - I don't actually "need" much these days, except more undies and replacing the white t-shirts from time to time, so I know it's mostly about whether something it's worth indulging.

jessica: I wished I bought the Trio years ago - compared it with my sister's from two years ago and hers seems sturdier. It's still very beautiful but I am a tad disappointed.
Eileen said…
Congrats on the beautiful Trio! You deserve it! How is the Steven Alan one doing?:)

I have gone overboard with Vanessa Bruno blouses.. they are too lovely to resist and I am officially broke!
Anonymous said…
so cool. love this blog. links to the stuff would be amazing.

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