summer in the city

via the sartorialist 

This photo was my summer inspiration before I took off for my holiday earlier this month. I'm back and a slave to work once again but I am still thinking of this image when I get dressed on weekends. It's a wonderful look that is city appropriate, yet at the same time effortlessly evoking thoughts of blue skies, wind in my hair, bare limbs warmed by the sun.

(Also, that hair. Too bad I'm allergic to hair covering my forehead.)

Happy weekend to all!


Jocy said…
Welcome back. What a fantastic trip you had. Hope you post about it soon.
Joy said…
Damn. Everything you said and the hair too!! Happy weekend :)
Shutterbug K said…
She looks relaxed and put-together still. Have a good week back to work!
michelle said…
I love this picture too! Stripes with high waisted shorts are my thing. So tomboy chic.
Thanks for the post.
michelle @

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