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My body has informed me in a million ways that yes, I am getting older, and there are a few things it can no longer tolerate. One of them is shoes that are even a little bit uncomfortable. I now require shoes that:

- Have reasonably thick/cushioned soles
- Have leather uppers/soles/interiors that do not rub my feet
- Have vamps that are high enough such that I do not need to grip with my toes in any way
- Are wide enough for my broad feet

Above is every single pair of shoes I own except my running shoes and my flip flops. Some I don't really wear, like the Sam Edelman low-heeled Trinas which I just cannot get into, and the leopard print loafers which I love but they pinch so badly. The kitten heels are my go-to for weddings and and other dressy occasions.

Some are on last legs - the Chucks are so filthy and worn out that I really should replace them, but I just can't let go yet. Ditto for the striped Keds - they have a hole in them but I figure they have another six months of of life in them. The white high-tops from Gram have gotten pretty thin in the sole as well but they don't make them like that any more and I haven't found a replacement. I bought a pair from Pointer in 2012 but they met an unfortunate end at a dog adoption fair (it rained, they got soaked, and splattered with mud and dirt, the canvas dried in a weird way and the glued bits came apart, clearly not made for toughing out).

This is a good shoe count for me - enough variety to keep me interested and enough in rotation to keep any one pair from wearing out too fast. I didn't replace my ballet flats when my last pair died but strangely, I don't miss them, even though they were a staple for years - compared to the sturdier shoes I have moved on to, they're not nearly as comfortable.

I still want a pair of flat ankle boots and indeed a pair is on its way to me now - I bought them online and it makes me nervous, I hope they fit. I may buy another pair of casual flat sandals when the right pair comes along - there are some days where the gold ones just don't hit the spot.

I won't throw away the Chucks even when I get a new pair - they have at least seven years of memories in them and they've travelled to really far-flung places with me. Same goes for the Gram ones. I have a pair of peeling Onizuka Tigers I feel that way about too. Sneakers almost always come with my on holidays and work trips and it's so much harder to let them go.

What's your shoe game?


Pret a Porter P said…
I know what you mean about the leather uppers. Majority of the time I'm in flats. I have to go out of my way to wear heels. They're just not practical at work--I'm less coordinated and productive. And I'm on my feet all day so it actually flattens the insoles of my shoes. I actually prefer wedges with ankle straps since I tend to walk out of shoes after a couple of hours.
Joy said…
this looks like a well worn, well loved collection! the only thing i bought recently was my pair of birks since my greek sandals broke (but now are fixed thank god). they make me feel slightly a la mode but without sacrificing any comfort so it's fine by me.
nanashi said…
That's a well curated collection there, I totally see the attachment to chucks, there's a sweatshirt I have had since college that my mom always tries to throw away whenever she spots it off of me when I visit them, it's also in tatters and needs to be replaced, but it's hard.

The gracefully aging Dieppa makes me wish I kept mine instead of selling them off, you have a nice taste!
miss sophie said…
unfortunate that the trinas aren't comfy for you! they're my go-to dressy sandal.

i've felt the same way as you for years now. you might consider investing in a pair of Ferragamos. the fit is like no other and they make all kinds of widths for every foot.
Shutterbug K said…
I like how earthy the palette is for your shoe collection!

(not exactly related to your sneakers but)
I'm the same way with my Nikes in that I find it hard to let them go: once they're no good for running, they still can take on third and fourth lives as casual shoes, or shoes I can take to the beach and not care if they're water- or sand-logged. I retire them only when the cushioning is dead beyond belief or the soles finally crack. Probably not the best for my feet but at least I feel like I got my money's worth out of the shoe (and I put my tennis shoes through a lot as well.)
A├»ssa said…
After being a bag lady for years, shoes have clearly overtaken the center stage. Agree 100% about comfort being essential. There's nothing more annoying than being burdened about the items you're wearing especially shoes.
I also feel like there are more options out there for us who want comfy flat and cute shoes. The oxford, ballet flats, sneakers etc. trend is a blessing, it's so easier to shop nowadays.
I am 100% with you...I can't tolerate anything that can't be walked in easily anymore! Life is too short. You have a great collection :)

Ammu said…
Love your oxfords. My favourite shoes are my ferragamo varas - in burgundy and black leather. I am also getting a lot of wear out of my Ancient Greek Sandals and my Melissinos sandals. The Trinas are very comfortable but I don't find them very durable, the leather and lining on the straps seem to separate after regular use in warm weather, so I won't be buying any more.
Anonymous said…
That's a nice, functional collection! If you are looking for a pair of casual sandals, I can recommend Spanish avarcas (I bought a pair from this brand Sollilas in black nubuck and they are the most comfortable sandals I own, 100% leather, simple streamlined look, go with most things)

M.e said…
Comfort is so important with shoes.
God I only have 2 pair of summer shoes that I can actually use, nothing fits...!
I really like the style you have, is there any brands you recommend that fits broad feet?
lin said…
Pret a Porter P: It's always a challenge for me to find shoes that are flat, simple but with character though. Otherwise, with the way I dress, it feels a bit bland.

Joy: Thanks! I am too way to wear Birks, no matter how comfortable they are. When your feet are giant...

nanashi: Thanks! I do love the Dieppas, and am always trying to land them on sale.

miss sophie: The trinas are comfortable, I just can't get used to the way I look in them. It's just not "me".

Ferragamos do look nice, but I can't do shoes with a bow either haha.

Shutterbug K: I have always like this palette for shoes, I actually hate how dark coloured shoes look on me.

Aissa: I actually have a major thing for shoes, it's just that I am pretty limited in what kind of styles I like, so it limits my collection. I agree there is more choice when it comes to flat shoes these days, which is great - a few years ago if I wanted lace-up shoes it was either really mannish Oxfords or soft jazz shoes like Repettos, but now there's a nice range in between.

Rachel: Thanks! Bad shoes have ruined too many days!

Ammu: It's really all about the test of time isn't it? I wanted to do a post on my Cole Haan Sharapove flats -- they were so good for six months and then it all unexpectedly went to pieces when the sole came off.

Kasia: Those look nice! And they ship at a reasonable rate too. Thanks for the recommendation!

M.e: I've found Dieppa Restrepo to be really broad feet-friendly, no pinch at all in my size. At a lower price point Sam Edelman is comfortable too but I can't vouch for the durability. If you're Aussie, Witchery is great for wide feet. TOMS are extremely comfortable. I've also had good experiences with Hope and Margaret Howell. Massimo Dutti has shoes of reasonable quality but their fit runs narrow so its down to luck. Same goes for Zara and I think their quality is really crap now.
May Munro said…
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Stephanie Goh said…
this is the most honest shoe post i've read in ages! i have to admit i've always hoarded shoes but in the last year i find myself returning to the same 4-6 pairs. i think these staples definitely change through the years. they currently consist of mostly sneakers (i walk a lot)

i have a pair of chucks that are in worse condition than yours and i still haven't replaced them though i know i should. but i kind of love them looking beat up and dirty. and oh the memories - i know what you mean. but when the time comes i think i will let them go - storage > sentiments when it comes to apartment living unfortunately!

i hope you get some nice ankle boots ;)

steph / absolutely-fuzzy.com
Anonymous said…
oh please, do tell us what kind of boots you ordered (and what kind are pictured in the photo)
Love my Coach and JCrew oxfords (they wore in much nicer than I would have expected)

Please, would love to know about the boots.
thank you!!!

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