notes for march

Ilhara Valley, Turkey, July 2013

I took the last week of February off, and these are some of the things I got up to:
  • Getting my rescue diver certification. Towing an unconscious person on the water while stopping every five seconds to give the person mouth-to-mouth is hard! It's also been scary listening to the instructor's horror stories of diving emergencies. I may pass the test but whether I'll lose my wits in an actual emergency is another matter.
  • Reading. I finished "Bring Up The Bodies" by Hillary Mantel. I think it's even better than "Wolf Hall". 
  • Watching movies old and new - "Her", "The Lego Movie", "My Week with Marilyn", "Dallas Buyers Club", "This is the End". I recommend the first three more than the last two. 
  • Eating and sleeping. 
A few things I should have done more of:
  • Exercise! I spent so much time catching up with friends and lying around reading that I missed most of my usually yoga classe, while my sore knee has been making running a pain. Hopefully I can kickstart a new swimming regime and get back on track with yoga this month.
  • Crossing off the boring errands: buying odds and ends needed for diving, repairing the scratched lens cover on my phone, etc.
  • Baking/Cooking: I had a super yummy egg frittata last week and I think it's one of those simple dishes I won't regret mastering. Does anyone have a good recipe to share? 
Some other things I have been loving:
  • A much reduced shoe collection: I got rid of my most worn-out shoes and now rotate between five pairs for work - my two pairs of Dieppa Restrepo lace-ups, a pair of three-year-old Massimo Dutti loafers, the new-ish APC ankle boots, and my TOMS. I like sticking my feet into any random pair and knowing they almost always go with whatever I have on. 
  • Korean strawberries are in season, and I'm on a sugar high stuffing my face with them
  • An old pair of black (now grey-ish) skinny jeans from Mango from my university days (I bought them in 2005? 2006?). They were my "starter" skinny jeans because I wasn't sure if I would wear trousers that tight on a regular basis. Turns out, I do, and I'm surprised how well these ones have aged. 
  • Two cotton short-sleeved boxy tops I bought in 2012 and last year - perfect now that the weather is heating up.
I can't believe it's March. 


miss sophie said…
now i want to read some Hilary Mantel! your description of your fave shoes is right on. nothing like the ease of slipping on a pair of favorites every day of the week.

i am super curious about your rescue diving - will have to discuss more next time we're both online :)
Maja H said…
I can't believe it is march either! It doesn't matter what the calendar says, every winter here up north feels like it will just drag on forever. Which results in me skipping around like some kind of euphoric crazy person at the first sign of birdsong and sunshine. So good! I definitely need to re-asses my shoe collection this year. I don't have enough of them, and now that some of my favorite pairs are worn out it is time to buckle up and find some replacements.
Ammu said…
I have spent the last few weeks engrossed in books. Loved Jhumpa Lahiri's The Lowland in particular, one of those novels that leaves you feeling somewhat bereft once you are through.
What else have I loved? Wearing my Carven coat and grey cashmere pullovers - both excellent staples. Good wine. Old delicate gold jewelry.
Can't wait for spring - tired of the cold evenings and ready for a seasonal shift.
A├»ssa said…
Sounds like you a great week off. I need one badly but I'd like to wait till May not sure if it's wise or safe for my co-workers hehe!
Now that school holidays are over in Paris I'll catch up a viewing of the Lego movie...
What I like now is clearing up my home: getting rid of the old junk (mags, papers and over used stuff) and buying new kitchen accessories, bed-linen, lamps etc.
I discovered this whole bread made with linen seeds that's delicious and it's my new addiction along with chicory salad.
Thinking about spring fashion but not rushing to buy anything yet, I feel a bit more in control... and I like that.
Kali said…
I was exactly saying myself the same thing when I renewed my metro pass this morning - I can't believe it's alraedy March! Enjoy the strawberries, it's this time of the year when I'm starting to crave for fresh veggies and fruit too.

Is the lego film that good? I've only heard praise so far, now I'm intrigued...
I can't believe it's March already. The months flew past in a blink of an eye. We're still dealing with the aftermath of the flood. I shouldn't complain as we were spared from further damage, unlike some of the other counties. Fashion wise, I'm slowly getting my mojo back. I go through cycles where I love fashion followed by bouts of non-fashion related obsessions.
lin said…
miss sophie: yes, catch you soon!

maja h: it's quite scary to realise that another few blinks and a quarter of the year will be over.

I hate that in-between phase with shoes, when you can't find the right ones but your old ones look way too seedy.

ammu: the lovely breezy weather you enjoyed here has ended, and now it's baking again! It hasn't rained in weeks either, no respite at all.

aissa: yes, the feelings of my co-workers are always a consideration.

your food loves sound very interesting...i have been eating s unhealthily and also a little bored my habits.

kali: it's very cute - not the smartest or funniest movie out there but it was such a delight to just see the animation, and anyone who consumes pop culture will get all the jokes.

marlene: yes so much has happened this year already...was still absorbing news of the floods and then suddenly this ukraine crisis has taken over the headlines.

i was just thinking the same thing about "fashion mojo", how every once in a while i see something that's happening now in fashion i'm actually excited by.

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