notes for august

Joanna Van Mulder via
  • Awesome share of the month #1 – Pret a Porter P shared some beautiful images from Martin Margiela’s collections for Hermes. I’ve always loved those collections and it’s nice to see people keeping his work alive. Go marvel at the timelessness of it all.
  • Awesome share of the month #2 – Stevie of Discotheque Confusion had a post on Margaret Howell’s chat with Penny Martin at the V&A, which prompted me to Google to find out more. Details are scant, but here’s another good post on That’s Not My Age.
  • New activity I can’t get enough of – dragon-boating. Being on the water on weekends is such joy, and the view of Singapore’s skyline from the Kallang River makes your heart swell with pride (that’s my National Day patriotism talking).
Have a great weekend everyone. 


Aïssa said…
The Margiela post by Prêt was so inspiring, I saved a bunch of pictures on my computer. I'm not sure I can channel this kind of elegance but I aspire to include a few style tricks here and there in my fall outfits.

Dragon-boating sounds fun! Have a great week-end too! I can't wait to leave the office!
hannah-rose said…
The Margaret Howell interview run down that stevie posted was so good. I loved the comment about the netball team. Makes me want to know more about her, read more interviews.. maybe even own my own first piece of margaret howell.. that would be the dream.

I had to google dragon-boating, if it's what it looks like, that looks pretty cool! You're such an interesting adventurous person. :)

How I feel about Margiela in general that their pieces are can be overtly avant-garde and they can either be wearable or not. But the Hermes pieces were elegant but with that subtle twist. I wish I could find better pictures of the Initiale bag being worn...I'm curious of the "physics" behind the straps.
Jocy said…
You are so active! Have a great weekend.
Joy said…
omg margiela x hermes is STUNNING. wish i was old enough to see it as happened. saw your comment there and maggie cheung was fabulous there.

i am sure there will be an official video/transcript of howell at V&A soon, hopefully.

happy national singapore day!
lin said…
Aissa: I feel serene just thinking about some of those pictures - such a good vibe to aim for.

hannah-rose: i wanted one of her irish linen shirts but somehow by the time i got down to shopping, the fall clothes were in! next year perhaps.

pret a porter: i suppose the classicism of hermes was a good counterpoint to his more avant garde designs! there are some designers who work best on their own code but sometimes it's interesting to see how they work with an established brand's DNA.

very curious about that bag too! i had never seen it before until you highlighted it.

jocy: i do my best to stay that way, although i enjoy the odd weekend in, slobbing it out.

joy: i remember seeing margiela's designs for hermes (same goes for Calvin Klein for Calvin Klein, Narciso Rodriguez) and thinking, this is how grown-ups dress. this is how i want to look when i'm an adult.

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