geared up

(Was there a cooler movie star? No. Source unknown.)

So, I am headed to Turkey in a few days, escaping from heat and humidity into...more heat and humidity. Mind you, I am not complaining; I feel lucky that I get to go on a holiday and get away from it all.

I suppose the best thing about a warm-weather destination is that packing is not a mystery - I need not worry about whether my decidedly tropical wardrobe will pass muster in a colder climate. What's trickier is simultaneously erring on the side of modest in the more conservative regions, but so far, I think I
l'll do fine. 

White cotton t-shirt
White cotton sleeveless shirt
White and navy striped linen knit long-sleeve tee
Navy and beige gingham cotton short-sleeve blouse
Blue and white linen shirt
Beige cotton-linen short-sleeve blouse with navy trim
Beige stiff cotton popover blouse

Grey cotton-linen blend cap-sleeved dress
Navy sleeveless shift dress
Chambray romper

Chambray boyfriend shorts
Faded denim slouchy jeans

Black cotton knit cardigan

Striped cotton gauze scarf
Woven leather belt
Navy messenger bag

Chucks (so filthy I might leave them behind. Or not)
Gold leather flat sandals
Running shoes (for trekking, perhaps even the odd morning run)
Flip flops

Hiking shorts and top
Yoga leggings for flights, overnight train rides (2) 
Camera + additional lens

Well, it's good bye for now, be back here in a couple weeks. In the meantime, I'll be updating my Instagram (@outofthebag), seeing as I have wifi at most of my hotels.


have a fun & safe trip!
Natalie said…
Enjoy your time away x
Nomadic D. said…
That's so exciting! Don't know if I mentioned it here before, but my family is from Turkey and most of them still live in Istanbul so we go back to visit quite often, and of course I absolutely love it. You're going to have such a great time, I can't wait to hear about it! (ps - I don't think you'll have any issues in terms of dressing conservatively enough, in my experience only people who show Miami levels of skin have to rethink things. Just make sure you have a scarf for when you visit the mosques!)
Joy said…
have fun! so jealous! stay safe :) i love that we share similar inspiration from menswear. i just watched la dolce vita n i want to find the same shades that marcello wears!
Ammu said…
Have a wonderful time!
hannah-rose said…
I love this packing list, it sounds eerily like the way I packed for Hong Kong, but I got caught out and rarely wore anything other than a breezy shift dress from COS... too hot for jeans.

Have an amazing time! Can't wait to see your dispatches I always love reading your travel posts.

Kali said…
Enjoy the trip! Turkey sounds like a great holiday. Thanks for the packing post, too, I love these. Your list looks a lot like mine to LA last month!
Eileen said…
Hello Lin! Too bad I am not in time to say good bye.. Anyway, have a safe and fun trip! Will be checking out your quick takes:)
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