notes for march

Picture from dior
  • I will try not to kill anyone at work. I will try not to kill anyone at work.
  • Salad once a week for lunch has been awesome.It's like the meal equivalent of a swim.
  • Grizzly Bear at the Esplanade this Saturday. YES. 
  • Will finally visit optometrist this weekend and shop for new glasses.
  • Hello, white jeans.
  • Still looking for that small leather travel purse in burgundy.
  • Reread The Bell Jar, with the 50th anniversary at all. What a book. 


rachel said…
Good notes! I'll have to read The Bell Jar, it's been on my list forever...
Maja H said…
Haha! Sometimes you do need to remind yourself not to kill anyone ;)

Glasses shopping is a pain, I get overwhelmed because of the sheer amount of shapes and choices. Borrow plenty of pairs home with you if you can!
Ammu said…
Good luck with your glasses shopping - it can take a while to find the right pair. I tend to splurge on frames and just replace the lenses on my sunglasses and glasses.
I am already looking forward to the weekend - for no discernible reason, just feel tired this week. I think it may be down to the seasonal changes - Delhi is finally warming up and my allergies are slowly kicking in. Have fun at the concert - love Grizzly Bear.
And yes to Plath - I love her poetry more than her prose, but she still remains relevant. Have you read her journals? I loved going through them when I was a teen .
I definitely showing my age, when i thought you meant an actual bear. lol! usually copolla doesn't do anything for me, but I really like that outfit.
miss sophie said…
ha! i think whoever invented those squeezy 'stress-balls' was genius. hopefully your co-workers are behaving themselves at least some of the time?

you know my love for the mini SA bag. i find myself reaching for it a lot more than i even anticipated when i got it last fall. and it's become my de facto bag for running errands.
Cato said…
I've been close to killing people a couple of times, lately... Maybe I should start doing yoga again...

And I really need to read The Bell Jar, it's been on my list for years!

Good luck in finding new glasses! I was so lucky after christmas, I found some that seem to really fit my face, for a change. I usually hate glasses on myself, people kept on telling me that I'd "look better without them" - which can mean a lot, of course. Now I really like the new ones and even people who only got to know me with the them, tell me that they'd suit my face very well...

I want to try to have more salade as a main course, but I usually get hungry so soon afterwards...

And I really like the picture! :)

nanashi said…
Good to make a list. I'm going through a phase that I never have been in before, the list may help me too. White jeans sounds like a great sign of change. I never got one myself as I always feared staining it.
hannah-rose said…
white jeans! I've been mulling over the same thing... Been seeing them all over sydney and hoping I can find a pair that work on me. Also, note to self: eat more salad, visit the optometrist and don't kill anyone.

For travel purse have you looked at the tl=180 one I posted about ages ago? I think it will be dropping into my chameleon soon-ish..

Eileen said…
Hello Lin,

Shalom!:) I know what you mean because I have been feeling quite stressed out by my work load as well.. (thankfully it has eased up a bit)

Take care my fren and hope you find that travel purse soon!
Alexandra said…
Love this picture of Sofia.
And white jeans! Yes!
Lucy said…
I am rereading so many of my favorite classics to celebrate all the great film versions released recently (and in the near future). I honestly forget how much Victor Hugo's ideas and words affect me until I read them all over again; he simply blows my mind. I plan on rereading The Great Gatsby next and might just hit Bell Jar after that!
You really made me laugh with your notes. Ah yes. Office politics and working with loonies. My blood still boils when I think of certain temperamental and unreasonable individuals at my old workplace.

All the best with glasses shopping. eeek. Hate doing that. Took me ages to find a suitable pair.
lin said…
Rachel: I like how it feels new every time I read it, I think I relate to it in a different way at different stages of my life.

maja h: I actually enjoy the process! I think I'm just used to it, having been wearing glasses since I was 9.

Ammu: I wear my glasses every day, so I don't usually wear a pair longer than 3 to 4 years - I think if I took better care of them they would last longer!

It's terribly ungrateful since I've been travelling but I really want another holiday!

I haven't read her journals - for some reason I felt like I wanted to keep her at a distance until I've gone through enough of her work. I love her poems too.

Pret a Porter P: But I'm older than you! Perhaps Grizzly Bear appeals to the older crowd...

miss sophie: I lost mine! I settle for clenching my fist instead.

Perhaps they'll bring back the burgundy for fall...if I don't end up buying the Celine Trio first!

Cato: I do yoga before work so I arrive at work feeling wonderful and am a raging mess by the end of the day.

I only do salads on days where I'm not too "active" haha. And if I know I'm having a solid dinner. But my stomach actually got used to lighter lunches regularly.

Sofia looks terrifically serene on set doesn't she?

nanashi: White jeans do require a bit of care, but after a spin in the machine they're good as new.

hannah-rose: I find the slouchy, tapered cropped fit to be the most flattering. Everything else is just depressing.

I remember that one, but I want an actual purse, rather than a wallet. Preferably if I can squeeze in a pair of shades...

Eileen: Good to know things have eased up for you...until my colleague gets back from leave (ANOTHER TWO WEEKS) I'm afraid I'll just be moaning for some time still.

Alexandra: I think of this picture when I think about the mood I want to project at work: calm, thoughtful, in control.

Lucy: I'm impressed, I've never finished a single Victor Hugo even though I always start with much enthusiasm - it is just too epic for me. I'm in the middle of Middlemarch now - love reliving hoe good it is.

Marlene: I'm not only annoyed with others, I'm annoyed with myself whenever I feel I'm not delivering. All the more I turn to reading my favourite blogs as a reprieve...
Joy said…
i really need to get glasses. all this time reading and blogging in front of a screen has made my eye sight so shitty. white jeans are so hard to pull off - can't wait to see you put it together. i have read the bell jar so i think i should try and move on to her poetry. all good stuff for the month!

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