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Vanessa Jackman

Right now, the idea of a Quiet Car sounds gorgeous. Wouldn't you pay a premium for the same bit of peace on a flight?

This weekend, I want a few hours of silence. I will light a candle, kick back with a book I've read a dozen times, and ignore anything that isn't a life-or-death situation. 

Things will be quiet around here as my post well has run dry, buried under the daily dust-ups of staying alive at work. But I enjoy pretending all is well by posting pictures of nice things on Instagram, so that will keep this space alive for a while.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Picture from Vanessa Jackman


Eileen said…
Hello Lin, have a great weekend too! I will take this time to visit your archives as I always learn so much from your insightful posts:) Hope you are excited that Christmas is coming, and hey, I remember around this time last year, you posted a picture of the "tang yuan" you mum made.. I am craving for those now!
Joy said…
this does sound magical. rest up for the weekend! look forward to your new posts after rejuvenating and quiet weekend :)
Ammu said…
Oh man, life in India has made me so grateful for any quiet time. Every day I am happy to come home to my quiet corner of the city, where I can't hear any honking or shouting or anything else. It's been noisier than usual lately, thanks to all the Diwali firecrackers but I adore nothing more than curling up in bed with a good book, sipping spicy ginger tea and whiling the hours away.
Have a good weekend!
Kali said…
Quiet moments are so resourcing. It is so rare today to be in a quiet environment (at least in the city) that it is important to carve out quiet moments for ourselves. Enjoy!
Alexandra said…
Sounds dreamy! Have a lovely weekend. Loving your updates on instagram!
Sue said…
I totally understand. I was actually lucky enough to be in a quiet car last weekend on my way to London. It was bliss. And no small people jumping up and down on me. Even better. The journey went so quickly as well. Your weekend sounds idyllic - long time since I've done anything like that - but I used to do the same. Shut the doors and hole up with biscuits and a good read. I did it once when I thought the lecturers were on strike and I emerged several days later, better read, relaxed but with people asking me where I'd gone (there was no strike). Hope you come back feeling refreshed and I look forward to reading your posts when you are ready. It's very good of you to let us know that you are having a little break. Take care.
Kate said…
British trains have quiet cars and I love them. I really enjoy my morning journey to work on the subway - it's early enough that nobody talks and I can read the paper and watch the sunrise.

Sometimes this makes me feel old, but a 15-year-old student in one of my classes recently wrote two pages on a similar theme to the article you linked. There's hope yet!
Lindsay K said…
Yes! I swear by the quiet car on the train to my family's home and to our summer house. The bus is also no cell phones/music unless you use your headphones. People regard the quiet car as sacred:)

Your weekend sounds lovely. I love nothing more than a candle and good books after a long week.
miss sophie said…
sounds perfect - thanksgiving over here was a pretty quiet day spent with family outside the din of the city. enjoy your recharge weekend - what book are you re-reading?
Anonymous said…
I live on a noisy street in a noisy city... I kind of love it. I grew up in the suburbs - too quiet for my taste. I think I like that the Internet is open 24/7. More noise, whenever I need it.
Please don't hesitate to post any random thought that pops into your head. Sharing is caring ;) and I like your thoughts.
Being surrounded by young kids make me grateful for quiet moments, particularly at night when everyone's sound asleep. I can't imagine living in London. While the city may be vibrant and exciting, after 8 hours of battling with crowds, avoiding being hit by cars or buses and dealing with passengers who love to hear their own voice in a quiet coach (!!) makes me appreciate the quiet sounds of countryside with its gentle stream and chirping birds.
Anonymous said…
That sounds amazing right now. Everywhere I go it's NOISE NOISE NOISE and doesn't stop until very late at night and begins at 6 everyday. A quiet car (or room) would be absolute heaven.

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