on the road, part II

So I was packing (am still packing, sort of hoping my stuff will start magically packing itself into my backpack) and my sister asked me what I was bringing, which led me think what kind of look I was going for while backpacking for two months in Europe, spanning a spectrum of weather conditions and other practical needs (what's good for sleeping on trains and 24 bus rides, and still looks chic?). And then I saw the photo above and there lay my answer.

Minus my lack of resemblance to Natalia Vodianova (can she please teach all the new models how to NOT be a one-trick pony?), it's exactly the sort of scruffy cool I think I can realistically aim to pull off.

American Elle also has lovely shots of Charlotte Gainsbourg (shot by Tom Munro) looking her usual cool (If I ever do long hair again, it must look like that) - Hopefully my (to-be-packed) wardrobe of tees and tanks and jeans will be donned with the same nonchalant attitude.

Natalia Vodianova shot by Carter Smith for Japanese Vogue, taken from http://community.livejournal.com/foto_decadent/1577515.html#cutid1


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