"if you don't keep your feet..."


Highway 94 to Milford Sound. Out of this world.

I can't wait to share more from my trip but that will have to wait until I sort myself out.

Happy 2013 to everyone! 


Ammu said…
Welcome back! Happy new year!
Alexandra said…
Wow. Happy 2013!

Lindsay K said…
So glad to see you made it to Milford Sound and yes, it truly is breathtaking.

Welcome back and happy new year!
Anonymous said…
I hope you had a fantastic time in NZ. Ahh....Milford Sound. Brings back memories.
Sue said…
That is a stunning view. Hope you had a wonderful time there - look forward to you sharing some more.
Anonymous said…
ooooo, being places of that scale make me a little unnerved.
Eileen said…
That photo is hauntingly beautiful.

So happy you are back!!
lin said…
Ammu: Happy new year to you too!

Prêt à Porter P: I know.

Alexandra: Happy new year to you too!

Lindsay K: Almost didn't make it out, due to rock avalanches!

Petrichore: I couldn't stop saying the same thing. For two weeks.

Marlene: I'm already dreaming of my next trip.

Sue: I wish my photos were better. Nothing like what it actually was.

editor: There aren't enough people in my photos to give the place a sense of scale, but yes, it is big. I loved it.

Eileen: Thanks!

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