the comfort of objects


I have approached dressing without interest since my return from my trip. That is, if it is possible to not take an interest in what I'm putting on and yet feel satisfied by my appearance when I walk out the door each day?

The dominant mood buster at the moment is work, which evokes a gamut of emotions, none of them especially positive. But my wardrobe has been reliable. It is of some comfort to me to reach absently for something in my closet and find it perfectly appropriate without dwelling on it too much. Occasionally, I pull out a piece I'm especially fond of that evokes a particular memory, and I smile.

Ordinary things that feel special keeps me going. Fresh flowers. The laughter of one of my oldest friends. A handful of roasted almonds. Cool, dry breeze on a sunny day. Reaching the bus stop just as the bus arrives. 

And the occasional Liz Lemon morale booster: "And one day they will name a sandwich after me." Dream big.

How's everyone's week coming along?


Ammu said…
I am sorry your job is such a mood buster at the moment. That can feel very draining so well done on focussing on the small pleasures in life. The little things are lovely.

I am having a fairly relaxed week, a few annoyances, but that's life. The highlight is getting some good feedback on a project at work and spending time with friends over good food. And of course delhi's slower than usual lapse into summer - the weather's been very pleasant, which makes me happy. Not a bad way to spend April.
lin said…
Ammu: Small blessings! What would we do without them. Glad to know it's going well with you, I agree about small annoyances being part of life...
indigo16 said…
Sadly my week is wet and windblown; I am languishing in winter woollies dreaming of unleashing an ankle or two to sunlight, this it appears, will not happen until sometime considerably later this year!
But yes, timing public transport to negate the wait is very satisfying and hopefully my painting class tonight will be too.
Anonymous said…
It feels like you returned altered by your trip maybe. Things never fit quite the same if we've grown or they've shrunk (in value, importance, satisfaction).
I think it takes a moment to get back in sync the the day to day grind once you get back from vacation, especially one has amazing as yours.

As for my week it's been work work work which I don't mind, and a bummer that ups lost a relatively valuable package of clothes I was returning, kind of puts a damper and defeats the cost on what I kept of the bunch. But I suppose if that's my worst problem in life I'm not doing so bad.
lin said…
indigo16: I hope the painting class went well.

editor: You're precisely right. I suppose a trip that didn't do any of those things would have been a wasted one.

pret a porter p: that's such a huge downer, but you've such a great attitude abt it.
Jade said…
I love that feeling of picking up a piece of clothing and it bringing back a fond memory :-) Hope next week is better for you. PS - i really want a sandwich named after me haha xx
Lindsay K said…
Welcome back! The trip looks amazing. I'm sorry to hear that work has been a mood buster- we spend too much time working to be drained, but I love your list of small pleasures- especially fresh flowers. I'm loving all of the fresh flowers in bloom right now.

My week is going well. No complaints here.
Eileen said…
Its a hol tom!!! if that helps..:)

Love how worn-in your garments look, the comfort you draw from friends when work gets tedious.

I have been good. Got an ipad recently and I think I am a news junky now. Enjoying Mr Brown, The Temasek Times for jucier bits.
Alice said…
I just watched that episode of 30 Rock last night! Hopefully works gets better for you :)
lin said…
Jade: Thanks, i hope the week turns out more manageable too. And yes, I'd taker a sandwich over say, a street. haha.

Lindsay K: Thanks. There are Birds of Paradise blooming very nicely in my neighbourhood at the moment. Actually they bloom year round here but this look exceptional this time.

Eileen: Oh yes, the holiday was a godsend! Not I spent it very productively but it was very indulgent.

The Temasek Times' anti-foreigner angle gets a bit tiring after a while though! That said, yes, the iPad is so great for casual browsing without having to sit at a computer.

Alice: 30 Rock always makes me feel better.

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