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I love striped dresses, and this one, from a market in Bangkok, is an excellent find - it's a jersey dress that doesn't cling and for once, I find a dress that actually reaches my knees properly - this is harder than you think - AND doesn't make me look dumpy. I wear it belted. I wear it for work with flats and on weekends, I wear flip-flops when it's sunny and sneakers when it rains. It's a staple - since July, I've worn it at least twice a month. And yet when I laid eyes on it, I hadn't imagined it was something I would live in. Some things surprise you.


Some things surprise you. Yes they do. Reminds me in that Lucky article that you posted where it said some of the items bought in crazy colors got more wear then the "sensible" ones. It's a great dress, and looks very versatile.
-ps. I like your self-polyvore sets. Even with daylt savings I still don't have the time to even do this.
lin said…
And I have things that I bought thinking I'll get a lot of wear out of them and then I don't. I need to analyse this a little more; it'll save me money.

Thanks...I can do more of the self-polyvore thing this week because it's really quiet winding down to Christmas, plus I have more photos of my clothes than I realised thanks to blogging. I also realised having a few key pieces on file can make for endless variations, which goes to show which pieces in my wardrobe go a longer way than others.
If Jane said…
wonderful find! i love striped dresses as well...

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